Bento for the Littles {Dino Bites}

I’m still waiting on a really fun BentoUSA order…alas until it comes I must fend for myself! Ok, seriously you don’t need anything super special to create fun Bento boxes! Since I started bento-ing I found all my cookie cutter…and there are A LOT! They range from very large to thumb print size. We have tons of different themes too. Flowers, christmas {of course}, fall, Halloween, trains, cars and so on!

This Dino bento was REALLY easy! I actually FINALLY found the dinosaur cutter yesterday! I was so excited to use it! My boys loved this box…the salad made a perfect jungle and the avocado spears acted as trees 🙂 Topped off with some chips and banana! It was a hit!


Today I am headed to a few local stores in search for some bento-y stuff! I can’t wait to see what I find!

Until then here are a few tricks of the Bento trade that I personally love and want…


Sandwich Cutter – Man oh man the possibilities are endless! I’m waiting on this very set to arrive {hopefully this weekend or early next week} I have so many fun ideas to try!

Egg Mold – Make fun hard boiled eggs! I cannot wait to get some of these!


Silicone Mold – perfect for cakes, chocolates and frozen yogurt! I have a fun flower one and want to get a dog or bear one next


EasyLunchBoxes – One of my ABSOLUTE favorites! perfect three compartment box



Pineapple Bento Box – I just want this!