Peepods Review and Giveaway {Girl Talk about Mama Cloth}



Ready for a little girl talk? Let me introduce you to a great line of mama cloth {aka cloth menstrual pads} called Peepods! The owner Amber is pretty awesome and has created a line of reusable cloth pads that are so pretty AND chemical free! YAY!

Ok, Ok! I know some of you are a little apprehensive about this subject and maybe feel it is too taboo to talk about! I know, I used to feel the exact same way. I mean its your {shhhh period}…you only talk about that with you gyno right? Yep! that was exactly what I thought. Then about 7ish years ago after having the worst cramps on the face of the earth, a friend of mine suggested giving “mama cloth” a chance. My first thought was “ewww gross” but then I started thinking, ‘hmmm we use cloth diapers because we don’t want any harmful chemicals on our kids skin, those same chemicals are probably in period pads too’…and the rest is history.

**Warning this is about to get real**

Ok, girls let’s get personal. I’m an extremely heavy bleeder due to chronic fibroids on the inside and outside of my uterus, because of this my periods are extremely painful! In addition I’m allergic to everything in disposable pads…so combine, heavy bleeding, horrible cramps and really bad allergic reactions…yeah not a pretty picture! Because of all these factors I was extremely skeptical when the above mentioned friends suggested mama cloth to me. In all honesty I thought that using reusable cloth pads would be : gross, take extra time and would leave me feeling completely insecure {ladies you know what I mean} at the same time I knew that I couldn’t go on every single month with allergic reactions and it would be nice to save some money!  I couldn’t have been more wrong about Mama Cloth. Cloth pads are no more gross than the disposables in my opinion. They have a layer of PUL that prevents leakage which is a very important factor for all girls and women! Washing is a breeze, rinse, soak, wash, dry!

All About Peepods:

Untitled-1Peepods aren’t just for periods: There are three types of the Peepods cloth pads: Menstrual PadsPostpartum Peepods, Incontinence Peepods & they make a line of Nursing Pads too!

Peepods are Chemical Free: Enough Said.

Peepods are Absorbent: There is a moisture barrier if PUL fabric to prevent leaking from occurring! Yes, you can even wear them overnight! 

Peepods are Comfortable: They are made with soft flannel and organic hemp fleece and cotton wings

Peepods Beautiful: I know ridiculous right…calling a period pad beautiful? I never thought I would utter those word…and yet I just did! Seriously though Amber took great care in making these not only function-able but lovely as well! Choose either Cranberry or Espresso colored pad with lovely floral wings. {psst. I got Espresso and they are so soft and well…pretty!} Period-Pads

Peepods are REALLY easy to care for: After use rinse with cold water {store in a wet bag if you aren’t ready to wash them}  I like to soak mine before washing just to give a little extra “clean” boost to the pads. Wash alone or with like colors {use your favorite laundry detergent: I prefer Biokleen} Afterwards you can either  toss in the dryer on medium heat or lay flat to dry.

Peepods Give Back: For every set of Peepods sold they will donate a set to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia {pod for a pod} This Hospital is a place women come who are suffering from obstetric fistulas due to the lack of obstetric care in the country.

This “pod for a pod” promise sets the Peepods company apart from all others in my opinion!!

Peepods have a great SetDeluxe Period Pad Set has 7 pads – 2 night pads, 2 day pads and 3 panty liners. This is a great set for the average cycle.

The Life in Bloom and Peepods have joined forces!  I’m giving away a set of 3 Peepods Menstreal Pads in either Cranberry or Espresso!

I want to give a big ol’ THANK YOU shout out to the fantastic Amber for this awesome giveaway!!

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Peepods Giveaway will run from Friday September, 13  2013 –  Friday September 20, 2013.

One winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted September 21, 2013 via email.