Litter Free Lunch Kit Review!

IMG_1039Oh packing lunches…I think I just heard a collective UGH from all moms! Although we homeschool and are home most days at lunch time there are a few days a week when we must pack a lunch. We started our once a week homelink last year and quickly realized that there was NO way we were going to eat out every single Thursday. I started packing lunches for Elias and my husband {who usually takes Elias and works in the parents room and I stay at home for some good ‘ol twin and mama time – – We ALL go once or twice a month} Through out the year I heard quite often that although their lunches were tasty, the container had leaked and the food has gotten soggy or even dried out! UNACCEPTABLE! At the end of the 2012-2013 school year I told my self ‘next year will be different’

IMG_1043Let me introduce you the Litter Free Lunch Kit! This awesome lunch kit comes with four containers with lids 2 small, 1 medium and 1 large {the medium and the large are practically the same general size the difference is the Large is twice as deep as the medium} All four containers stack perfectly together. In addition to the containers there is a 15oz BpA-free bottle! The containers and the bottle all fit snugly in an awesome insulated lunch bag {there is a mesh pocket inside the lunch bag perfect for a spoon or fork and napkins or anything else you might need at lunch time!} IMG_1036

We I was given the opportunity to review and feature Litter Free Lunch Kits from Dan at New Wave I was pretty excited! I was even more excited when I got our LFLK in the mail! The quality is really good! I love the lunch back size and shape and how perfectly the containers and water bottle fit!


This past week homelink started and Elias was SO excited to use his new lunch kit! He decided that he would like to carry his lunch bag in is backpack {from class to class!} We had lunch at a park that day! After three hours of being bounce and thrown around I was so surprise how the LFLK contained his lunch when he unzip his lunch bag NOTHING was out of place…not even the water bottle {which DID NOT leak!} This mama was pretty stoked! I super excited to get the twins their own LFLK! Elias received the Gray and Blue kit but there are three other colors/patterns 1

Are you hooked on LFLK’s now? Do you wanna know how to get your own?

Find a Local Retailer or Buy Online there are a number of retailers including amazon!

I really hope you will head out or online and grab up some Litter Free Lunch Kits! They defiantly have this mamas seal of approval!


FUNBITES Review and Giveaway! {Bento for the Littles}

IMG_1016We love bento-ing so we are always looking new fun ways to make creative meals! My boys are really good eaters…but….my daughter Gabbi….PICKIEST. EATER. EVER! I mentioned it before but her body was unable to form enamel on her back teeth so when her molars came in they quickly rotted…and were very painful. Because of this I’m sure you can imagine, but she hated eating anytime that she had to chew. Once she had oral surgery at age 2 she had become so picky…there were a lot of tears shed. It has been an incredibly emotional. She is now learning to like food {Praise GOD!} but it is still a very uphill battle. Gabbi and the boys love cubed cheese, fruit, and veggies! …but oh my, I sometimes think it takes longer to cut then it does for them to eat it! I cannot even express my excitement when I came across FunBites, the idea of being able to transform basic food into fun and tiny shapes…yes please!! The wonderful Bobbie {the awesome mama behind FunBites} sent me a Square FunBites {there’s also hearts and triangles…I will be getting both those asap!}
Ok guys! Seriously this thing is AWESOME!!! I love it so much! I use it multiple times a day! And its SUPER easy to use! Check it out!
IMG_1018FunBites are BPA free! They can be either handwashed or thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher! YAY! Our dishwasher broke {BOOOOO} so we have been hand washing our FunBites and I can tell you it is really easy to get clean! I would recommend rinsing it or even washing it right after using it that way it’s all ready to go for next time!
FunBites is SUPER DUPER easy to use…as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 – Place FunBites cutter on top of food.  Remove popper top and set to the side.

2 – Grab cutter handles on both sides, press down firmly and rock 5-6 times to cut through the food.

3 – Lift the cutter up, insert popper top and pop out the bite-sized pieces!

Yep its just that easy! Even my kiddos love using it and since it isn’t sharp I’m ok with that! The twins can help make lunch, dinner and snacks now YAY!

I have tried FunBites on a TON of different things…
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Melons
  • Cheese
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Potatoes
  • Fresh Homemade Bread
  • Eggs {both hard-boiled and fried}
  • Sliced Lunch Meat {ham and turkey}
  • Banana Bread {the kids LOVE that}banana
  • Pancakes
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Nutella Sandwiches
  • PBJ Sandwiches
  • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Ham Sandwiches
  • Chicken Breast {boneless grilled and pan-fried}
  • Homemade Fried Chicken Breast
  • Turkey Breast
  • Salami
  • Grilled Steak {the kids LOVED it and it was so quick and easy!}

That’s all I can think of right now! I had zero issue with all of the above. The steak took a little extra time but thats to be expected! FunBites isn’t just for kids…you can make a yummy chicken salad in no time! I have loved it not only for the little but for my hubby and myself!

Buy It: On FunBites website and get 20% off your order when you enter the code: Bloom
Win It: One Lucky Reader Will Win A FunBites of their choice!! YAY!
Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.27.31 PM

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