Litter Free Lunch Kit Review!

IMG_1039Oh packing lunches…I think I just heard a collective UGH from all moms! Although we homeschool and are home most days at lunch time there are a few days a week when we must pack a lunch. We started our once a week homelink last year and quickly realized that there was NO way we were going to eat out every single Thursday. I started packing lunches for Elias and my husband {who usually takes Elias and works in the parents room and I stay at home for some good ‘ol twin and mama time – – We ALL go once or twice a month} Through out the year I heard quite often that although their lunches were tasty, the container had leaked and the food has gotten soggy or even dried out! UNACCEPTABLE! At the end of the 2012-2013 school year I told my self ‘next year will be different’

IMG_1043Let me introduce you the Litter Free Lunch Kit! This awesome lunch kit comes with four containers with lids 2 small, 1 medium and 1 large {the medium and the large are practically the same general size the difference is the Large is twice as deep as the medium} All four containers stack perfectly together. In addition to the containers there is a 15oz BpA-free bottle! The containers and the bottle all fit snugly in an awesome insulated lunch bag {there is a mesh pocket inside the lunch bag perfect for a spoon or fork and napkins or anything else you might need at lunch time!} IMG_1036

We I was given the opportunity to review and feature Litter Free Lunch Kits from Dan at New Wave I was pretty excited! I was even more excited when I got our LFLK in the mail! The quality is really good! I love the lunch back size and shape and how perfectly the containers and water bottle fit!


This past week homelink started and Elias was SO excited to use his new lunch kit! He decided that he would like to carry his lunch bag in is backpack {from class to class!} We had lunch at a park that day! After three hours of being bounce and thrown around I was so surprise how the LFLK contained his lunch when he unzip his lunch bag NOTHING was out of place…not even the water bottle {which DID NOT leak!} This mama was pretty stoked! I super excited to get the twins their own LFLK! Elias received the Gray and Blue kit but there are three other colors/patterns 1

Are you hooked on LFLK’s now? Do you wanna know how to get your own?

Find a Local Retailer or Buy Online there are a number of retailers including amazon!

I really hope you will head out or online and grab up some Litter Free Lunch Kits! They defiantly have this mamas seal of approval!


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