Exploring the World of Astronomy {Book Review}

Arrow-HeaderThis month I had the privilege of reviewing Exploring the World of Astronomy for the Moms of Master Books Team!!


This 170+ page book is amazing!!

With 13 chapters including

  • Exploring the Moon
  • Mars
  • Terrestrial Planets
  • Jupiter Saturn
  • Jovian Planets
  • and the list goes on!!

My son who is only eight is absolutely in love with everything  astronomy! He has been very interested in the planets and stars and since a very young age! Although this book is more for middle school and high school age it worked perfectly well for us!

At the end of each chapter there is a questions or reading comprehension page with anywhere from 10 to 12 questions and explore more category that gives all kinds of fun to little extra questions. We like to call the challenge questions. (The back of the book has the answer key)photo 4

Throughout each chapter there is a cute little “explore”clipboard picture! Each chapter is also chock-full of pictures! Now, I’ve heard a few people mention that they did not like how this book only contains black-and-white photos but honestly it didn’t bother us one little bit. If we want to see some of the pictures of the galaxies that surround us or the planets in color will just search them on the Internet. I think that this book is amazing black-and-white pictures and all!

One of our favorite chapters is the chapter on Saturn. This chapter talks about ‘why did Galileo think Saturn have handles’ ‘what it is a shepherd satellite’ ‘do only planets have atmospheres’ plus so much more! There are some really fun of close pictures of Titan which is one of Saturn’s moons and my son is all about the planet that have multiple moons! So this was a big hit!!

photo 3-1I know that I mentioned in my eight-year-old son is very interested in astronomy and stars but he gets it from me starting a very young age I became very interested in the stars and constellations and my mom gave me an antique book that showed all of the early 1900s constellations that have been documented, because of this star is chapter is absolutely fascinating to me! In the chart stars chapter you learn about the French astronomer Pierre Janssen and English astronomer Joseph Lockyer! In this chapter we also learned about all kinds of different telescope including the 26 inch linens from the Naval observatory! There’s a picture in a pretty fantastic seeing how giant this telescope is!

photoChapter 13 is the starlight ignite this chapter is full of constellations…it’s really cool! There is even an entire northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere breakdown of all the constellation the north polar constellations the south polar constellations the northern hemisphere autumn the northern hemisphere winter in northern hemisphere spring in the northern hemisphere summer so we are able to look at this and see where each constellation is going to be during the season…it’s really awesome! I think that if my son and I were to pay our absolute favorite chapter it would be this chapter it’s just really a lot of fun.

After chapter 13 there are ‘explore more’ pages and it has each chapter broken down and

how to explore more of what you learned from each chapter after that there is the whole book review!

Needless to say we are pretty impressed with this book and I think they it would be awesome for every homeschool families library and of those who don’t homeschool as well!

photo 5We are looking forward to adding to our library the rest out of the books in this series…

  • The world of Biology
  • The world of Physics
  • The world of Chemistry
  • The world around you
  • The world of Mathematics
  • Planet Earth
  • The history of Medicine


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