The Answers Book for Kids Volume 5 & 6 {Book(s) Review}


This month I’m thrilled to be reviewing ‘The Answers Book for Kids” volume 5 & volume 6 by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge!

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Once again master books & Ken Ham have hit a home run!!

If you are not familiar with The Answers Book for Kids let me introduce you…

The answers book for kids series answers questions from children around the world in this multi volume series. Each volume won’t answer over 20 questions in a friendly and readable style appropriate for children 6 to 12 years old; and each covers a unique topic:

  • Volume 1– 22 questions on Creation and the Fall.
  • Volume 2– 22 questions on Dinosaurs and the flood of Noah. Volume 3– 22 questions on God and the Bible.
  • Volume 4– 22 questions on Sin, Salvation and the Christian life. Volume 5– 20 questions on Space and Astronomy.
  • Volume 6– 22 questions on Babel and the Ice Age.

Each book cost between $5.99 and $7.99 depending on where and sales!

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One of my favorite things about these books is the size, they are about a 6×6, perfect for little hands! My kids love the size as well!

Volume 5: 20 Questions from Kids on Space and Astronomy…

If you have every read my blog you know my oldest son LOVES space and astronomy, so when these books arrived he could barely contain his joy and excitement!

This little book (and all the books in this series) is jam-packed with questions from kids! As we read through my son kept saying “hey I’ve wondered that same thing!”

This volume covers a wide assortment of questions like:

  • Is Jupiter stormy?
  • How many planets are there? What is the smallest planet? Could planets hit each other?
  • What’s the big bang?
  • Did Christians believe that earth was flat?

What I ABSOLUTLEY love about the answers is that they are perfectly in depth for kids and have bible backing! Ken & Bodie do an awesome job!

Referencing the question is Jupiter storming? I love the way that cannon and Bodie use Psalm 148:8 “Fire and hail, snow in Highlands; stormy wind, fulfilling his word.” Then they go one to explain the make up of Jupiter: “Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Unlike Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, Jupiter is a giant gas planet, but deep inside it’s likely made of rock and metallic gases that have been compressed and solidified.” Wow that paints such a clear picture!

At the end of each answer page there are bible reference look up verses and chapters! We   this!

At the end of the book there is a yearly meteor shower dates page and the table of planets and the first five dwarf planets page. There is also definitions page that defines words like asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Quasar, Nebulas, ect. Again right up my feature scientists alley!

Volume 6: 22 questions from kids on Babel and the Ice Age…

  • This volume covers questions like:
  • Where was the Tower of Babel built?
  • How many languages come from battle?
  • Has anyone ever found a frozen person from the Ice Age?
  • How did animals make it to America and to Australia after the flood?

These were questions we hear in our home on a regular basis!

I love the answer to this question what was the extent of the Ice Age? Ken and Brody reference Job 37:10  in the answer “by the breath of God ice is given and the broad waters are frozen.”

“During the Ice Age, the ice extended in a downward direction from the north and Asia, Europe, and North America. It covered most of Canada, and parts of the upper United States as far as Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In Europe, it extended over most of northern Europe like Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and most of England.”

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There is something really cool in this volume and it comes on the very last page…

Answers are always important!”The Bible is truly filled with some amazing answers for some of our toughest feed the questions. If you would like to know more about how the sons and grandsons of Noah are at the heart of man man’s earliest history. Now trace your culture history back to survivors of the great flood”

Needless to say I’m totally and completely in love with these books…so is my entire family! My son has already asked for the entire series for Christmas! Psst…he’s getting them!

The answer books are more than just for kids there is also a complete adult serious as well called the new answers book 1, book 2, book 3 and book 4 are all available at Answers In Genesis