I Will Trust God – Hermie & Friends DVD Review & Giveaway


Hermie and Friends I Will Trust God DVD is 90 minutes and has two mini episodes and is for ages 2 and up

My kids LOVE Hermie and friends and we have many of them..just like the rest they LOVED “I will trust in God” just as much as the others! We have always loved the way that Max Lucado biblically  teaches fantastic and valuable lessons through Hermie and Wormie and friends! The songs are super catchy and Tim Conway is the voice of Hermie…so you can’t go wrong there! When watching these awesome garden friends kids learn that when trusting God that doesn’t mean we will all know the answers, that may be difficult for some kids and parents to grasp {honestly there have been many times in great family tragedy when I have desperately wanted to know all the answers}, but rest assured when know who hold all the answers and HE is ready and willing to carry us in ALL situations! God is ALWAYS there and enough! This also really help teaching kids about understand God’s view of people. If you are not familiar with Hermie this may seem really intense and overwhelming…I assure you it is not and your kids will LOVE Hermie!



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