My Story: Daniel and My Story: Noah {Book Reviews}


I’m so excited to tell you about My Story: Daniel and My Story: Noah by Fiona Boon! These are two of the cutest sticker storybooks I have ever seen {I was given the opportunity to review My Story David and My Story Joseph in December as well} Each tells a story about a beloved Bible hero in simple, fun and exciting way! Not only did all my children LOVE these books but so did my husband and I! They really are so much fun! And the illustration are AWESOME! They were a HUGE hit with our kiddos! Each book is 24 pages long! photo 4The pages are full of fun illustrations multiple fonts that add a bit of whimsy to an already exciting story! Fiona did something really fun that I loved in these books…at the beginning of each book she introduces the reader to some of the people in the story, my children love that they already knew a little something about the characters and that they were able to recognized some of them! I absolutely LOVED the way that each book was narrated by the main character {Noah & Daniel}.  photo 2To top off all that fun the last 2-pages full of stickers…yes “STICKERS” {My kiddos were REALLY excited about it!} There is even ‘sticker journal’ for the kiddos to complete as they retell the story using the stickers…AWESOME! photo 5These books are written in such a fun way the kids can’t help but retain the story and the amazing thing God is capable of! Daniel in the Lions den is on of our oldest sons all time favorites! Our twins absolutely love Noah! They are all about animals and twos {which if there is two of something it means “TWINS” 🙂 } I would love to see a ton more of these ahem hint hint Fiona!! Ooh like Ether & Ruth! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would be AWESOME!photo 3

These books are some of our mot favorites! They are always a hit when we pull them out at bedtime! I HIGHLY recommend adding these to your bookshelf! These books are a great deal for $4.99 each.

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