Grapevine Studies $25 shopping spree Giveaway!!!!!


As I have mentioned before I love teaching my children through pictures and  Grapevine Bible Studies is absolutely perfect for us!

I love the way Grapevine Bible Studies differ from other studies not only in the use of stick figure drawings, but in the manner that it breaks down sections of the Bible into small, bite-sized, digestible chunks of memorable information! My children are able to easily retain what they are learning in each bible study while enjoying it as well!  As your children work through the five-part-lessons they understand the biblical characters and events in terms of their context, chronology, culture and geography PLUS they get to draw pictures! Learning the bible and drawing whats not to love? No matter what we other bible studies we do my children LOVE their Grapevine Studies and keep coming back to them!


I love having the full color Teacher’s Book {note: I don’t print the teacher books I just open them on my iPad.} The Teacher Book guides you through the daily activities! Each lesson begins with reading scripture from the Bible, followed by discussion of the scriptures(s), which is sometimes followed by a map assignment. Looking up key words in the Bible dictionary!

When it comes to Grapevine Studies there are a number of age options! The studies are broken down into age  categories

  • TRACEABLES  perfect for AGES 3-5
  • BEGINNER  for AGES 5-7
  • LEVEL1 for AGES 6-8
  • LEVEL2 for AGES 8-10
  • LEVEL3 for AGES 10-13

My twins loved the traceable last year when they were 3 and this year are enjoying the beginner level! Our oldest is a mix of level 2 and 3. However I would highly recommend the traceables for any reluctant drawers no matter their age…my son was one. Also the Multi Level is AWESOME for those of us with children of all ages. We have the Multi Level for 4 and up. What I love about Grapevine Studies is that you are able to mix and match to get the perfect study for your child no matter their age!

In addition to that they also come in two different format options Print and Ebook. Personally I have only gotten the ebook versions that way I can print what I need ,when I need it, for who I need it for…mama win! I have friends who only buy the print versions because they like that its all there and ready. It is absolutely personal preference.

Wanna test it out? Get a Free eBook Lesson – Last Supper eLesson


Ok it gets better than a free eLesson? The wonderful Dianna at Grapevine Studies is giving one of my lucky reader a $25 shopping spree!!!

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