31 day challenge…Coming in MAY!

FHHello ladies! I have a super fun challenge that I would love for you to do with me “31 days of Pinterest Workouts“! Throughout the month I will pick a new workout every single day {I will do it 3 times, morning, afternoon and evening}  I will cover all different targeted zones such as: arms, legs, abs, butt…ect. Each day I will critique the workout. This is where I will tell you my thoughts on:

  • Difficulty level
  • How long it takes {on average}
  • Do I feel the burn?
  • My pros and cons
  • “Keeper” or “Don’t waste your time”

I will also post a graphic of each workout that way you can work out along with me and try them all too, and pick your favorites!

Soooooo here’s the thing….I have a super cute blue lace dress that I got that is just a little tighter and shorter than I would prefer or feel comfortable in…My goal for this challenge is to go out on a date with my hubby at the end of may {maybe sooner} rockin that dress!

Will you join me? I would LOVE it if you would! Go ahead, set yourself a goal and join me for the entire month of May when I set to do 31 days of Pinterest Workouts!! You can follow my “Fit and Healthy” pinterest board {that’s where all the workout are being taken from}

pinterest_logo_redIF you are joining me, please please leave me a comment letting me know!!

sigg1 copy

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