Day 1 | 31 Days of Pinterest Workouts Challenge


Here we go Day 1 YAY!!!! Here is todays workout: Arms



I absolutely LOVE this workout! Summer is just around the corner and with summer comes tank tops…I am so not ready for that 😉

For this workout I used 5 lb weights {you could also do 3 lb, or 8 lb. whatever your are most comfortable with}

  • Difficulty level? On a scale of 1- 10 I would give this a 4 or 5. When working a targeted part of your body and it does get really tired and quite sore! I would recommend 15 reps of each move and going through the workout twice, and do it in both the morning and the afternoon to get those triceps toned
  • How long it takes {on average}? I would give your self a good 25-30 minutes for this baby!
  • Do I feel the burn? Oh it burns…it burns so good…but that means its working!!
  • My pros and cons? No cons for this one! Pros: I love that you can do this workout pretty much anywhere, weather you live in a studio apartment or an immaculate mansion! It could even be done outside in the morning sun with a yoga mat. All you need is weights and a workout band. {If you don’t have a band *pictured in the 1st & 2nd image, do the motion shown with a weight instead of the band!}
  • “Keeper” or “Don’t waste your time”? KEEP IT! I will in fact be adding this to my daily routine!

What’d you think? Are you keeping this?

Don’t forget to grab my workout printable. Click to image to DOWNLOAD !


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Sorry for the “late” in the day evening post! I will be posting early from now on 🙂


{Please note that I will be doing each workout one day early so that I will be able to post in the morning/afternoon 🙂 }

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