Day 2 | 31 Days of Pinterest Workouts Challenge


Ready for Day 2? Here is todays workout: Get rid of those love handles baby!



I have done this workout in the past and I selected it because it is super quick and easy but really gives results!

  • Difficulty level? On a scale of 1- 10 I would give this a 1 or 2…Really!
  • How long it takes {on average}? I would give yourself about 10 – 15 minutes…I did both belly blaster and waist whittler fairly slow to ensure the muscles were getting really targeted! I would recommend doing the whole workout twice at least, and really when ever you have a few minutes do the Torso Twist!
  • Do I feel the burn? I did a bit…but the next morning you will for sure feel that those muscles have been working!
  • My pros and cons? First of all this is an “equipment free” workout…can’t get better than that! It also is the kind of workout any women at any fitness stage can do. I also love that you can pretty much do the three standing moves {Torso Twister, Jiggle Jabber and Side Sizzler} anywhere…even in the shower 🙂
  • “Keeper” or “Don’t waste your time”? Keep it!

Over the next month I will be adding the Torso Twist move to my day!

What’d you think? Are you keeping this?

Don’t forget to grab my workout printable. Click to image to DOWNLOAD !


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{Please note that I will be doing each workout one day early so that I will be able to post in the morning/afternoon 🙂 }

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