As a Tommy Mommy I get to giveaway so many amazing books that I just love! This month is no different! Today I’m just giving one book away but TWO! Growing with Jesus: Devotional & The Kid who changed the World!  Don’t for get to enter both giveaways below!

Growing with Jesus:


Growing with Jesus is one of the cutest little devotional I’ve seen!  It has 100 individual devotionals {they’re not broken down by date but by title}Some of the titles are on

  • Butterfly Wings
  • Above and Beyond
  • God Never Gives Up On You
  • Have Patience
  • God Works in Everything for Good
  • and many more!

I love that it has a Bible verse that corresponds with every single title! Also, something that I love is the “today” section! Each day its a activity, thought or task.

For example page 58-59 “Stay Away from Evil” the verse is second Timothy 2:22 “stay away from the evil things young people love to do” it has the paragraph {‘thoughts to grow on‘} for the devotional and then it’s “today” section it says “will you wear your thinking cap today and make sure your own choices?” Then at the bottom of each page it has a fun little colored box titled “My Amazing World” for this particular days it says “your heart pumps about 72 times a minute or 40 million times a year!” My kids absolutely love my amazing world section! They love to learn all kinds of fun new facts!
Don’t have going with Jesus? Why pleased to announce that I am giving away one copy to one lucky reader just enter below!


The Kid Who Changed the World:


The Kid Who Change the World {formally The Boy Who Changed the World} Is fantastic! It’s based on a true story. This is one of my family is all-time favorite books! The book has almost a kind of pay it forward/butterfly effect, being in that it told the story about one character that goes into another character…and so on! The characters are real life people, they aren’t made-up names they are real people like Norman Borlaug and George Washington Carver!

On the inside sleeve it says “the kid who changed the world teaches children how their actions can set off a spark that, in turn, influences the lives of others.” I just love that!

This book is stunningly illustrated! The pictures are beautiful very engaging! Like I mentioned this book is formally the Boy changed the world, my mom gave my oldest son ‘The Boy who Changed the World’ a number of years ago for his birthday, so when I say this is my family’s most favorite book I’m talking over the years! This is the book that my kids go in search out so that we can read it! This is a ‘multiple times’ a nigh, just can’t get enough book! 



This book encourages children that one little thing can change the world – hence the butterfly effect! It also tells tidbits of history like….do you know the story behind George Washington Carver? It’s fantastic, it’s beautiful, it’s emotional, this is just one of those books that  just makes everybody happy! If you haven’t read The Kid Who Changed the World you need to go grab it for your personal bookshelf!!

I’m pleased to announce that one of my readers can win tThe Kid Who Changed the World! Just enter below!


gene copy

sigg1 copy


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