Day 7 | 31 Days of Pinterest Workouts Challenge


Day 7! Kicking that core into high gear!


  • Difficulty level? On a scale of 1- 10 I would give this 5 because its pretty intense focus on the core muscles!
  • How long it takes {on average}? 15-20 minutes – doing 20 reps of each move. Doing 6 sets {resting for 15-30 sec. between sets}
  • Do I feel the burn? yep your core is going to burn!!!
  • My pros and cons? The only con I came up: because it requires a stability ball you have to have one…and the room! Other than that I love that it can be done inside or outside…perfect summer morning workout!
  • “Keeper” or “Don’t waste your time”? KEEP IT KEEP IT!!!

What’d you think? Are you keeping this?

Don’t forget to grab my workout printable. Click to image to DOWNLOAD !


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{Please note that I will be doing each workout one day early so that I will be able to post in the morning/afternoon 🙂 }

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