A love affair with Cedarwood


The love story between our family and Cedarwood started a bit rocky and it kinda smelled like puke. Let me explain! The first time I smelled Cedarwood I thought I was going to throw up! I thought it smelled like musty cat pee…YUCK! For the first few days the kids called it the “puke oil” seriously, it was bad. Not to be too dramatic but I gagged putting it on them the first day! Then something strange happened…one day {about 3-4 days} it smelled good…REALLY good…to all of us!! Now the kids LOVE it, in fact it is one of their favorite oils! Now, I can affectionally say that Cedarwood has a woodsy smell that is relaxing, soothing and comforting. When I was a little girl my parents had a beautiful hand-made cedar chest. This oil reminds me of it!

Cedarwood was the very first oil I wanted and got after my starter kit. Why? It’s calming so it’s wonderful at bedtime and nap time and that is something we needed.

Our Kids vs. Sleep

  • Our oldest son Elias has a difficult time falling asleep at bedtime…he has a hard time shutting down his brain…just like mom 🙂
  • Our daughter Gabbi (the girl twin) really likes to sleep but takes her a while to fall asleep, but once she’s out…she’s out and will sleep for hours upon hours!
  • Our youngest son Simon (the boy twin) is NOT a sleeper…he has an extremely difficult time falling asleep and once it’s light out he is up, it’s crazy because the twins have blackout curtains…it’s like his body just knows! (It was ok-ish for a while because he would take nice long naps in the afternoon. They are older and it’s effect day time life. He gets EXTREMELY emotional and irritable because he is tired.)

How we use Cedarwood for naps.
At nap time it usually it takes forever for Simon to fall asleep and once he does it only lasts for about 30 minutes. The first time I used Cedarwood at nap time I was thrilled. Simon fell asleep very quickly and stayed asleep for 2.5 hours…WOW! He even slept longer than his twin sister…that’s a big deal because she loves to sleep! Only Simon gets Cedarwood at nap time {Gabbi is tired and ready for a nap} It goes on the bottoms of his feet and back of his neck for nap time.

At bedtime all the kiddos are wound up from the day (especially in the summer) they need a little calming 🙂 All of them get Cedarwood on the back of their necks, bottoms of their feet and on their temples and foreheads. Every night cedarwood is diffused in the kids bedrooms {unless there is an illness}

Has bedtime changed? Oh my word yes! Where before (without essential oils) it would take between 30 minutes and an hour {sometimes longer} for them to calm down and fall asleep it now takes and average of 10-15 minutes!!!! AND Simon stays asleep until usually 7:30! What?!? That’s amazing right!? Cedarwood has changed our bedtime routine is such a wonderful way! All the kiddos are better rested in the morning which results in happier days! Plus since they are falling asleep quicker at night that means mommy and daddy get more time together…WIN!

But cedarwood is NOT just a one trick pony!!!
Did you know that Cedarwood helps with hair loss? We just recently started on my hubby 1-2 drops in the thinning area at night. I will give an update on this process next month!

But wait, there’s more that Cedarwood can do! Now its summer time!! Yay, Hot days, warm night, running through the sprinklers and oh yeah mosquitoes! Yuck! I hate mosquitoes. We do a family hike every night in a really wooded area. There is  river running parallel with the trail, which means we get swarmed by mosquitoes. Did I mention I hate mosquitoes? It’s truly horrible not to mention itchy! At least that’s how it was…then we started using Cedarwood as our bug repellent! It’s super easy to make! There are a ton of different recipes out there but these are my faves so far!

Don’t have a glass spray bottle? No problem!

I got Cedarwood thinking that sleep was all we would use it for…boy was I WORNG!

Do you use Cedarwood? What was your first impression of the smell? How do you feel about it now? Leave a comment telling me!

**Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I’m just a mama sharing our family’s experiences this information is based upon my personal research and use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. My recommendations are based on the pure therapeutic quality of Young Living Essential Oils only.  Other oils may not be 100% pure or safe to use in this way.

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One thought on “A love affair with Cedarwood

  1. Got mine yesterday. HOLY CAT PEE. It’s gonna take some work for me to get past this, I hope I can! I am hoping to use it for my daughter to help with sleep and daytime calming. She has autism, frequent meltdowns and trouble sleeping

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