My Favorite “Quickie” Workout!

Got an extra 10-15 minutes and a wall? Fill that time with this workout! Psst…its great for any fitness level! Who doesn’t want to tone their Belly, Thighs and Butt?

Why do I love this workout so much?

It has 3 different levels {easy, regular and hard} You don’t need any equipment…well, except a wall! It targets deep muscles but is quick! Ummm you do it barefoot!! Enough said 🙂

You’ll notice that it recommends doing it 4-5 times a week and two sets each time you do it. This is a recommendation and feel free to do it more or less…you know your body and your fitness level. ALWAYS do what you are comfortable with!

I do this workout {2 sets of each move} 2 times a day in the morning and the late afternoon most days. {This workout is part of my 4 week weight loss plan and after 7 days I am down 4.5 pounds!}


Get the Printable

Thank you Prevention for the great printable! For more great workouts and tips visit their site!

sigg1 copy


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