8 Motivating Tips for Wight Loss!

1.) Get a Workout Buddy and Share Your Goals

Losing weight doesn’t have to be something you do all by yourself. Having a workout buddy who shares similar goals to you can be the motivation you need to help you stay on track…this can be your hubby, best friend or maybe even your mom! Having a workout buddy means you can exercise together, keep each other accountable and celebrate all your conquered goals along the way!!

2.) Make Weight-Loss Jars

Sometimes actually visualizing the pounds lost can be some serious motivation!! I started doing weight-loss jars this summer! It is SO encouraging when you lose weight and you get to take “1 pound” out of the “pounds to lose” jar and put it in “the pounds Lost” jar! It is such an amazing feeling! wlj Putting together weight-loss jars is really easy! All you need is 2 glass jars and some beads or rocks {I used canning jars and oval glass gems – one for each pound you want to lose!}

3.) Put Workout Clothes on Your Night Stand

Waking up and seeing your workout clothes including your workout shoes right next your bed can be very motivating. Even if you’re not exercising as soon as you wake up by putting on your workout clothes you’re ready to go when the time comes! No excuses!!

4.) Leave your Workout Gear out and in Sight

go We all have days when it’s really difficult to get motivated. Let’s face it we all have those days when we’re just lazy. By leaving out your yoga mat, your weights, your running shoes or even a fitness magazine turn to a great circuit or print out of your favorite workout you are reminded of what you’re working towards! Instant motivation!!

DRESS5.) Buy a Size Smaller

Want to kick motivation up a notch? Consider buying the cute date-night dress or a pair of skinny jeans or even a super cute T-shirt in a smaller size than you currently wear! Once you get home, hang it up in a place that you’ll see every day! By doing this you will be reminded of what you are working towards and think twice about skipping workouts!! {don’t forget to set a goal for when you want to fit it!}

6.) Make and Share a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal can be great motivation! It’s really easy to do! All you need is the printable below {or a spiral notebook and a pen} Ready, set, go! Every day write down everything you eat and drink…even water intake! Kick it up a notch and each day either email it to a friend or share with your husband, this way it will make your food journal not only be a great weight-loss strategy but also you will be held accountable for your food choices! FWJ


{After to download and save print out each week or all for the month!}

7.) Leave yourself Encouraging Notes and Reminders

dilis Visual reminders are great motivators! This can be done in multiple different ways, put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror with encouraging notes like “you CAN do it” or maybe a note with the weight you are working towards! You can even add a sticky note to your scale with an encouraging message. Personally my favorite visual motivations are the daily reminder pop ups I get on my phone!! If you haven’t the most and you have an iPhone it’s really easy to do! Hold down the home button on your cell phone until you hear the double beep and {you’ll see a sound wave line} for example you could say “remind me Monday through Friday  to run 2 miles” let go of the button! Siri will show you a preview of you reminder {make sure it shows that it will be “daily”} Easy Peasy!!

8.) Reward Yourself!

Don’t forget to reward yourself throughout your weight loss! Having rewards to go with your goals will be extra motivating! This can be a short-term reoccurring goal of a pedicure or a new hair color for every 5 pounds lost. It can be a longer term reward like a new pair of jeans when you lose 15 pounds! Or a BIG reward like, a weekend getaway with your spouse after losing 30 pounds! One of my favorite rewards is new workout clothes or running shoes! I know it doesn’t seem very exciting but there is nothing like getting a new Yoga pants a size or two smaller to motivate you! No matter what your goal is, rewarding yourself every step of the will continue to motivate you! Be sure that you set little goals with rewards along the way! {everyone has different goals and different amounts of weight they want to lose…you also know your own body so set goals accordingly!   Do you have any tips you want to add to the list? Comment and let me know your favorites!!!   sigg1 copy