Got 10 Minutes? POPSUGAR Fitness has you covered!


Are your days crazy busy? Yeah, mine too! When life is hectic it can be hard to set aside time for fitness…am I right? The problem is, skipping a workout because you don’t think you have the time can VERY easily turn into two, three, and then before you know it you are totally off track and starting all over! How do we balance a hectic life with a fit life? POPSUGAR fitness might be exactly what you are looking for! POPSUGAR has TONS of easy to follow workouts ranging between 10 – 40 minutes {some are shorter, some are longer} I first discovered POPSUGAR when I stumbled across this awesome Arm workout!

Needless to say I have been pretty much hooked on their workout videos ever since! We all have 10 minutes, it might be before the kids are up, while little ones are napping or when the kiddos are snug in bed! Check out these awesome 10 minute workouts and get hooked too!!

10-Minute Body Toning Workout

10 Minute Tabata Tone Everything Workout

10 Minute Abs

Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout

10 Minute Arms and Shoulders

Rock your Bikini Bottoms

10 Minute Lazy Girl Workout!

Find more awesome workout videos from POPSUGAR Fitness!

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**I am NOT affiliated with POPSUGAR and I was NOT compensated for this post. This is based upon my personal thoughts and opinions