GAIAM Yoga Mat Review!

Hey there all my yogis! I’m so excited to introduce you to my new yoga mat from GAIAM! This is the beautiful Paisley Flower Print 3mm Mat!


Sunrise Yoga!

I don’t know about you but I use my yoga mat for a whole lot more than just yoga, in fact I use my mat each time I work out! Because of this I am VERY hard on my mat. I use my yoga mat daily for weights, crunches, squats, lunges, planks, Pilates, Tabata, all my HIIT workouts…if it ‘s fitness or relaxation related, my mat is there. I workout for an average of two/three hours a day {excluding walking, hiking and running},I’m not only physically hard on my mats but…ummm….I sweat…A LOT, I know gross but it happens..but…


IMG_3983Why do I love my GAIAM Paisley Yoga Mat?

From the moment it arrived I was absolutely in love! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous but I love the size and the weight of it {68-Inch x 24-Inch x 3mm}

All my pervious mat have been 5mm, because of this they are thick and bulky when they are rolled. Not so with my Paisley mat! Because it is a 3mm it rolls up very tightly, which I love! It is SO light. Don’t let the fact that it is 3mm deceive you into thinking that means it’s low quality or cheap, that is just NOT the case!  This mat is super sticky…which means it stays put on all surfaces

IMG_3966{it does slightly slide on carpet} because of its stickiness I can hold all my yoga poses without worrying about my mat slipping away! I personally prefer the 3mm to my thicker mats so when I wear this baby out I will for sure be replacing it with another GAIAM 3mm mat!


Isn’t this beautiful!?



Common issues with yoga mats:

Cleaning: If you sweat  you will want to clean your mat after ever use {if your workouts are spread out over the day I would recommend cleaning it before your head to bed} If you are not a sweater you should still wipe it down every few days. This mat is superduper to clean, simply wipe it down with a warm soapy rag and let dry. This will help it stay ‘sticky/grippy’ and keep you healthy!

Slipping: If you are a Yogi you know what this means!  Ugh you know those times when you are trying to nail a pose and it feels like your mat is slipping out from under you. In my experience this happens when the mat is dirty {it can also happen if your mat in on carpet} I have had ZERO issue with my mat slipping on wood floors or smooth concrete floors, it’s VERY sticky/grippy. If you notice your mat isn’t sticking as well as it once was try cleaning it, depending on how long it has been you may have to do this a few more times to break through that dirty layer.

Peeling: I have heard a lot about mats or the printed image on the mat peeling {tearing, shredding…ect} I have never had this issue, with my GAIAM mat or any other mat. I would recommend rolling and storing your mat in a place out of direct sunlight since the sun can cause damage to surfaces. Like I mentioned above be sure to clean you mat regularly to pro long the life of it!

Out of the Wrapper Smell: GAIAM mats come rolled and shrink-wrapped. When you remove the shrink-wrap there is a potent rubbery smell {This is very common I have gone through this with every other yoga mat I’ve had – The smell is not a hazardous chemical smell.} The smell can be easily addressed by simply unrolling it and hanging it outside for a little while. {GAIAM recommends taking it out of the shrink-wrap and leaving it for three days to allow the smell to dissolve} I was really excited to use my mat…sooooo… My mat arrived in the early afternoon I unwrapped it and put it on our back deck and left it until evening when used it for the first time. It did still have that rubbery odor but it didn’t really bother me.  I would really recommend however, if you are sensitive to smells that you leave it for 3 to 5 days and each day using the smell will subside.

I would HIGHLY recommend the GAIAM Paisley Flower Print yoga mat {in any of their beautiful prints} to anyone who does anything that requires them to be on the floor even just your knees! This is a wonderful, durable, sticky and all around perfect mat!

You can check out more of the cool stuff that GAIAM has by clicking on the right sidebar image!


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