FlipBelt Review – BEST Fitness Accessory EVER!

I have a question for you! How do you carry all your fitness essentials when you go out running, walking, hiking or biking? Have you tried everything, like,  arm bands, fanny packs or even putting stuff in your socks? Yeah, I’m right there with you! Do you often just leave everything at home {except your phone or mp3 player}?

unnamedLet me introduce you to the BEST Fitness Accessory EVER – The FlipBelt!! Have you heard of FlipBelt? Well, if you haven’t let me enlighten you.

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FlipBelt is a cool stretchy waist band, that you can either wear on your natural waist or hips, but it’s more than just a colorful waistband, it has 4 little slits for you to put your stuff in! Everything fit snugly and stays safe and sound inside.

How does it work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Put your FlipBelt on – Either at your hips or waist, I prefer my hips
  • Put all your ‘stuff’ in your FlipBelt – I take my iPhone and headphones, I.D, cough drops to help with dry mouth, check card or cash just in case, chapstick and keys
  • Flip it over your FlipBelt – By flipping it over the little pocket slits will no longer be facing out but towards your body making it nearly impossible for you items to fall out!

They have 8 fantastic colors to choose from!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.30.45 PM

If you spend any time at The Life in Bloom you will not be surprised to know I picked hot pink! Once it arrived I couldn’t wait to use it! Unfortunately, our city was having a horrible windstorm {seriously horrible damage all over the city, uprooted tree…CRAZYNESS!} I wasn’t about to head outside. The bad weather ended up being perfect because I discovered you can wear FlipBelt for ANY activity you are doing! After I put my FlipBelt on I started my playlist and put my phone in one of the pockets and flipped it. I proceeded to do, crunches, a HIIT workout, squats, standing abs, weights and stationary biking. I was SO impressed with FlipBelt it didn’t move it stayed perfectly in place. Since then I have walked, hiked and ran with it, I even have done my Battle rope workouts with it and each time I have gotten the same stay put results!!


the “FlipBelt” printed on the belt is a reflector!!!

Is it comfortable with all that stuff in it?

IMG_3957Yes! That was honestly on of my very first concerns. Would I be running and be getting jabbed by my keys the whole time? That was not the case. The material that FlipBelt is made from is thick and double layered! Although the fabric is double layered it is extremely easy to turn up and down volume on my phone without stopping and taking it out!

What I LOVE about FlipBelt:

  • Awesome Colors {I love my hot pink!}
  • VERY comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Very Easy to put on and take off
  • Stay put and snug on hips
  • The price point of $24.99
  • Perfect to wear while running, hiking, biking, and pretty much any activity including just playing with the kids
  • Reflective Lettering {you can wear it in either the front or the back!}

A few things I wouldn’t put in my FlipBelt {since these items are very small they could find a way to slip out}

  • Coins
  • Jewelry {like wedding ring or earrings

My final thoughts

If you are a runner, hiker or bicyclist, you NEED a FlipBelt! I’m totally and completely in love with mine…in fact my hubby would is a long distance runner wants one REALLY bad! I will continue to use my FlipBelt during all my fitness activities…I might even get another color, when my hubby orders his…hmmm, but what color? I highly recommend you get one!

Want to win one? I will be giving a FlipBelt away in the next few weeks! 

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Please always make sure you have I.D with you {always make sure someone knows where you are going.}

It is VERY important to me that EVERYONE no matter who you are that you ALWAYS take I.D with you. This stems from tragedy when I was 3. I still vividly remember hearing the phone ring, then my mom screaming. My beautiful cousin Judy went for a bike ride, while on the road she was fatally hit by a car. She didn’t have any I.D on her {all she took with her was her garage door opener} so it wasn’t until her husband came home from being away on business and couldn’t find her and reported her missing, that’s when the tragic story unfolded. The police tried to find where she lived, and went up and down the street with the garage door opener, but it didn’t work. As you can imagine from then on my mom ALWAYS made sure that we always had some kind of I.D on us when we would go walking or hiking. I realize that this is a sad story, but I want to stress the importance of having I.D on you for all your outdoor activities.


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