Share a Blessing {review}


I am so excited about Share a Blessing! When my daughter saw this book she absolutely freaked out she loves coloring stickers and giving people cards share a blessing was pretty much tailor-made for her!Unknown

This a genius little book is full of 24 different cards and over 1000 stickers so your child’s imagination for these cards is endless!

Recently I was given the opportunity to crochet a hat for a five-year-old girl who is currently going through chemo after being diagnosed with cancer this summer. This is not the first time that I have crocheted hat for a child going through chemo but this was the first time that I did after receiving The Share a blessing book so my daughter and I decided that we would make this little five-year-old girl beautiful card to go with her beautiful hat and tell her that she’s a fighter and we are praying!


Each card and stickers are beautifully coordinated together and each card has either an encouraging message or beautiful Bible verse!

I love that my daughter has been able to express her creativity as well as to show her sweet kind hard she loves sending cards to her grandma and her daddy and even me!

Do you have daughter {or son} who loves creating things or maybe a granddaughter? I would highly recommend share a blessing to you! Or maybe you were sending out cards! I would totally get this book for myself I kind want to take it for my daughter 🙂
The only thing that I would ever change about Share a blessing is that it could be 10 times bigger with hundreds of different cards to choose from!

*Please note that these cards do not come with envelopes so if you were planning on sending them in the mail you will need to grab up some envelopes to fit them


Thank you to all who entered!

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