Soleus Fit GPS Watch {Review}

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“Simple and easy to use, the Soleus GPS FIT will allow runners to accurately track their Speed, Pace, and Distance. Auto lap splits at every mile and the “always on” night light mode helps for late night (or early morning) runs and training.” 

bothWriters have their favorite place to write, coffee drinkers have their favorite drink, cooks have their favorite recipe and hikers have their trial and me? Well, I have my favorite fitness gadget!

When it comes to running or hiking there are things that I’m just never without: my Running or hiking shoes, a bottle of water and I never EVER leave home without my Soleus GPS Fit watch!

I was beyond excited when I was recently given a Soleus GPS Fit watch to try out from Soleus Running! Awesome right?!

To be honest with you I have wanted a GPS watch for really long time but I wasn’t sure where to start or what brand…I was kind of at a loss.

When it comes to Soleus I am EXTREMELY impressed!

They have a number of different GPS watches ranging from $99 to $299!

So why do I love my GPS fit watch? And why do you need one?  First of all, the features alone will make you fall in love!

Check out the features that the Soleus GPS Fit watch has:

  • GPS
  • Distance
  • Peace and Speed
  • Data Upload
  • Sport Ventilated Strap
  • Calories Burned
  • Large Digits
  • Coronagraph
  • Data Storage
  • World Time
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • EL Backlight
  • 30M Water Resistant

On top of all the awesome feature printed on the back plate of all the Soleua Fit GPS watches “a journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single step” Now that’s pretty cool!

My Thoughts:

From the moment I took my watch out of its box, I knew I was in love with this watch! Yes, I know it sounds silly to be in love with this watch, but seriously, this is what I have needed for so many months, something to help me keep track of my distance, my speed, AND my calories… honestly it really has been nice to know time it is too!!

My watch it was delivered at around noon on a Thursday, by 6 PM we had already hit the trail once and we’re heading back for a second time! Before getting my Soleus GPS Fit I relied on a app…that wasn’t always reliable especially on the deep wood trails my hubby and I love so much. Plus I ALWAYS had to find a place to carry my phone…which I didn’t like very much!

We even had a fun finding that first day: For over year we have gone on the same trail at least 4 to 5 times a week and although there is a sign that tells us how far the trail take you round trip, my husband and I both had speculation that it was off. Well, guess what??! We discovered that it was in fact off and we were getting far more mileage than we thought! YAY!


As someone who doesn’t wear a watch or bracelets, I so surprised that I barely even know when I have this watch on! Although it is fairly large faced, it is extremely light and comfortable! The watchband is a rubbery texture which I really like because I like wearing my watch up a little bit above my wrist and the watch band helps it stay in place! It not like other rubbery watch bands that I have had in the past that get itchy after a while…hence the not wearing watches.

The GPS:

Since receiving my Soleus GPS Fit it seems like no matter where we are, trail, shopping or running I get stopped by at least one person asking about my watch {I’m sure people are noticing the pretty bright blue} One of the main questions I get  asked is “how easy it is to find a GPS signal” Evidently, this is a issue for a lot of people.

Here is my response to that question while using my Soleus GPS Fit!

After the initial set up of the watch I stepped outside and search for a GPS signal and I think it took maybe 90 seconds to find one! That seems to be pretty average for me other than our trails that are very deep in the woods trails. We usually start searching for a GPS signal before we get to the parking lot and by the time we are ready to hit the trail we have a GPS signal!

There has been a time or two when it’s taken three or four minutes to find a GPS signal but please keep in mind my husband and I are avid trail runners and we go in any weather! One such time it was totally completely overcast and a downpour!! I am very impressed with how quickly and easily the Soleus GPS Fit watch gets a GPS signal!

The watch is really easy to use and set up!

I’m sure you noticed in the very first picture that there are two Soleus watches, my blue one and a black one! Well, my husband also has a Soleus GPS watch {GPS Pulse + HRM} His watch has some different features, so in October I am going to have a review on that watch is well!

Another awesome perk of Soleus is the software download so that you can transfer all your runs {hikes, rides act} to your computer!


BIG ol’ GIANT Thank you to Soleus Running for providing us with this amazing GPS Watches!!

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