31 Days of Kettlebell Toning & Healthy Living {Day 8: Break for Mourning}


Hi guys! Today has turned out quite a bit different than expected. Just a short time ago I got a phone call…the dreaded phone call that no one ever wants. A close family friend {one of my moms closest friends} died in her sleep last night/early this morning. She was a wonderful woman and was too young.

So, here’s the thing…I’m REALLY sad, I’m in shock…and…I do NOT want to workout. I want to cry, so I’m going to. I am taking today off from everything. We all need to mourn and that’s ok. Tonight I will start back up again, but right now I’m taking time for me and comforting my mom and the family.

Please pray for this family. Her son really needs prayer RIGHT NOW! He found his mother and just a few years ago he found his father after his passing {I cannot imagine find one parent passed…but to find both is unbearable}

Thank you for your support and understanding! I hope you day is going amazingly good! If you have something awesome going on please share in the comments! I would love to share in your good and happy news now more than ever!

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