DemonBells Sugarskull Kettlebell Review

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unnamed-2It only seems fitting that during my 31 Days of Kettlebells, I would share all about my most favorite kettlebell! My Kettlebell comes from an AWESOME company called DemonBells – that specializes in unique kettlebells men & women {and apparel} DemonBells was founded by Ryan Williams who is a former Navy SEAL with experience in CrossFit, SEALFit, MMA, Westside Powerlifting, Tactical Athlete Program (TAP), Athlete’s Performance Institute (API), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), MovNat and others…this dude is AWESOME!

Ryan wants the absolute best:

  • DemonBells Kettlebells are 100% made in the USA by American hands!
  • They are Created, designed and ergonomically shaped by hand in San Diego, California.
  • They are made from High quality, satin black, corrosion and chip resistant powder coat. Above industry standard.

From the moment I ripped open the package I knew that I found a company that I loved! Not only is the kettlebell gorgeous, but the quality is FANTASIC! {by the way, yes I did rip it opened, before the UPS guy was even back to his truck!}

Let me introduce you to my beautiful little lady!


This particular Kettlebell is called SugarSkull “Demonbelle” and she obviously geared towards women.

For months I kept seeing DemonBells and this SugarSkull Kettlebell everywhere…pinterest…there it was…instagram…yep! From the first time I saw the SugarSkull “Demonbelle I wanted it! I loved the fact that it was a SugarSkull {I’ve always loved the history behind the Day of the Dead  – where beautifully painted skulls honor a family member or friend who has passed away.} DemonBells offers more than just this lovely…

DemonBells has Two Different Lines of Kettlebells:
The Performance Line: The main line of kettlebells with ergonomic features that reduces forearm impact. The Performance Line ranges in weights from 8 k {18lbs} – 32 k {72lbs}
The Warrior Line: These are Kettlebells with “faces.” These are awesomely unique!  They also provide the same ergonomic features as the performance line. The Warrior Line ranges in weight  from 7 k {16lbs} – 32 k {72lbs}

DemonBells 2014 website main pic tire

There are many different “faces” to choose from:

 SugarSkull {7k, 12k,16k} there are


Pink SugarSkull {7k, 12k,16k}


Hannya {16k}


Daimon {24k}


Spartan Warrior {24k} I really want to get this bad boy for my hubby!


The Big Boi {32k}


My husband and I had so much fun working out together with my  SugarSkull “Demonbelle”  {12k – 26lb} Before my SugarSkull, I had been using a 15lb plastic coated kettlebell…WOW big difference! Not only was the weight almost doubled but the DemonBell was easier to grip and hold on to, My husband loved the shape of the Kettlebell as well! To be honest I was a little nervous increasing the weight I was used to but once I started using my SugarSkull I didn’t even notice the weight difference. Whereas I wasn’t feeling challenged with my 15pounder even if I increased the reps. I was defiantly challenged {still am} with the SugarSkull! In addition the DemonBell has increased my stamina HUGLY! The first time I did kettlebell swings, high pulls and figure 8’s I could was fatigued and tired after 20 or so reps, now, my reps have increased 2x and 3x that! Now, don’t get me it is a KILLER workout, but I have built up so much more strength! My husband loved it as well, but I think he would probably prefer a 24k + over a 12k 🙂



Some of our favorite Kettlebell Workouts:

  • Two Armed & One Armed Kettlebell Swings
  • Halo {PLEASE do not do this move unless you are in control of the weight and it isn’t too heavy…no injuries please!}
  • Figure 8’s
  • Deadlift Squat
  • Sumo Squat with High Pull
  • Two Armed & One Armed High Pulls
  • Windmill
  • Single Arm Row

IMG_5740I’m dying to get another 26lb SugarSkull {in pink of course} so that I can do double Kettlebell workouts, like squats and rows

DemonBell kettlebells are shaped and formed with the ergonomic features to:

  • Reduces impact forces on your forearms by 90%
  • Reduction possible injury during strenuous workouts
  • Help reduce fatigue
  • Reduces your risk of losing your balance
On thing that I want to address is the weight issue. A lot of women are afraid of using more than 3, 5, 8 pound weights for fear of becoming “bulky” or too musclier…I obviously do not feel that way. You do not need to be afraid of lifting heavier weights. Keep in mind that the men and women who are career body builders have made it into a career. These men and women are devoting day after day to lifting &  eating a particular diet…it’s their career.
So don’t be afraid of heavier weight! In fact, there are some pretty fantastic perks to lifting heavier, including but not limited to:
  • You will Torch Body Fat
  • You’ll Burn More Calories
  • You have More Defined Muscles
  • You’ll Build up Strength and Stamina Faster
  • You will lose Belly Fat
  • You will feel SO good

DemonBells recently introduced the beautiful Pink SugarSkull! Yes! I am in love and I think my hubby needs to get this for me {Abe are you reading this} This Kettlebell is more than just a pretty face, she represents something bigger – the Fight Against Breast Cancer. During the month of October DemonBells will be donating $20 for ever Pink SugarSkull sold to Breast Cancer Research! PLEASE, if you are wanting to purchase your very first Kettlebell or add to you gym, consider getting one of the beautiful Belles that support something most of us have been effected or touched by!

927734_367427120048944_1584548119_aPlease share the above image on your favorite social media!

I want to give a shout out the Ryan! I have had the amazing honor to work with a number of companies over the years and I have to tell you Ryan and DemonBells has been on of the most fantastic I have EVER worked with! Thank you for kindness during my difficult time!

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