Time for a Lifestyle Change with Atkins Weight Loss Program!

As I continue in my weight loss journey I’ve made all kinds of changes in my workouts and now it’s time for a total complete diet/lifestyle change! I’m so excited that starting in November {just a few days away} I will be starting the Atkins 40 diet/weight-loss program, and I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this!

Not the familiar with Atkins? Well let me tell you all about it:

First and for most, Atkins is 100% FREE – there is no cost to do the program. Atkins offers an online community, resource center, recipes, tools and meal plans at Atkins.com

Did you know that Atkins is the original and leading low-carb weight loss program? The Atkins diet is designed to flip the bodies metabolic switch from burning carbs to burn fat! Who doesn’t want that?

That metabolic switch is flipped by protein intake and healthy fat intake as well as keeping carbs low.

Why lower carbs? When eating carbohydrates in excess it raises blood levels of saturated fat and triglycerides and lowers the good (HDL) cholesterol. When left uncorrected these increased levels can lead to type two diabetes.

What’s the Atkins 40?

Basically, instead of doing the regular Atkins program that is broken down into phases where you start the program with 20 grams of net carbs a day, the Atkins 40 has a program entry point of 40 grams of net carbs a day, this means I can eat from all the food groups starting on day one of the program all while still enjoying weight loss success on a fat burning metabolism! Yes!!

What to expect with the Atkins 40?

  • Lots of vegetables (in fact more than the USDA recommends!)
  • Proteins including meat, fish, poultry and plant-based proteins
  • Healthy fats including olive oil, avocado and nuts
  • Dairy including whole Greek yogurt and cheeses
  • A variety of fruits and whole grains

Wow, that doesn’t sound like I will be depriving myself of anything!

Why am I so excited about the Atkins 40 {other than the things that I’ve listed above}?

I love carbs but they do not love me. They taste good for a minutes but then they make me feel sluggish for the rest of the day and in the long run cause me gain weight (who wants that!) by starting the Atkins 40 I’m saying enough is enough! I’m sick of it! I want to take my health (and body) to whole new level!

Something that I really love about The Atkins program is that it’s broken down into small meals a day rather than the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner. I absolutely love this. I’ll tell you a secret, I have very bad eating habit, I do not eat breakfast. I know that I should, I know that my body needs it, I know! However, for some reason I allow myself to ignore what I know is right and continue day after day not eating breakfast. I’m so excited that with Atkins I have to eat breakfast to get the fuel I need so that I can burn the fat and lose weight. Atkins is definitely the push that I need!! In additions to my pitfalls…remember above when I mentioned how excess carbohydrates lowers the good cholesterol? Well wouldn’t you know, about three days ago my husband got lab results back and we have found out that my husband in fact has high cholesterol. So he too is really excited about doing Atkins with me!!

Atkins.com has an awesome printable/pdf Carb Counter to make counting carbs easy!

There is an Atkins App!!

Within the app you will find all kinds of great stuff including:

  • Food Search – Get nutritional information on grocery items, restaurant meals, and over 1,600 delicious Atkins recipes and products. Search by keyword or scan the UPC label.
  • Progress – Keep up with your weight loss goals by tracking net carbs consumed each day based on your Atkins Phase, plus track your weight and how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Daily Plan – Follow the optional recommended daily meal plan or create your own custom low-carb plan for each day based on your Atkins Phase. Add Atkins products, your choice of over 1,600 low-carb recipes, or add foods on your own.
  • Phases – Discover all the delicious foods acceptable in each Phase and create your daily plan based on your carb range.
  • Dining Out – Find a restaurant with menu items in your selected carb range. Search for restaurants based on meal type, name and location.

Atkins has a number of different products to help you achieve your weight loss goal and success! These can all be found in your local grocery store!

I’m so excited about all the great things that The Atkins 40 offers, like, more vegetables and less added sugars. Protein and healthy fats! I can’t wait to start a brand new low-carb lifestyle!

Lastly, I love that Atkins allows you to lose weight, feel great, all while you get to enjoy a healthy foods! No depriving yourself with tastelessness!

Keep an eye out for all my Atkins updates! I cannot wait to see my eating and body change! What about you? Ready to give Atkins a try?

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