Commercial Break Workout!

tvworkoutWe all need a little break right?! Sometimes we all need time to veg out and decompress from our busy days! For many of us it’s by watching our favorite show. That is the case for my hubby and I! We have our favorite few shows per week and they are perfect decompression for us. But…please tell me I am not the only one that finds commercials incredibly irritating! How many times have you been watching your favorite show only to be bombarded by the same two or three commercials the entire time…ugh that’s really annoying.

Did you know that the average 30 minute show has about 8 minutes of advertisements broken down into two or three commercial breaks? And for your favorite hour-long program it’s upwards of 15 minutes of commercial breaks…whoa considering our faves are the hour-long show!

Let’s not continue to get irritated when the commercials start, let’s start working out during them! Think about all the time we’ve been missing out on! Gone are the days that I will say “I don’t even have 10 minutes to workout”

Instead of standing idly by while this prime workout time slips through my fingers, I’ve created a fun little commercial break workout! The workout is based on a half-hour show resulting in nine commercials broken down over three commercial breaks. {If you are watching an hour show complete the workout and then start back at the beginning once you have surpassed 9 commercials!}

Do one workout per commercial…and here’s the fun part, I’m not gonna limit this workout to a certain amount of reps…instead I wanted to make is a mini HIIT commercial break workout! Fun right!

Below I have made a fun little printable! {Click to Download}

CBworkoutComplete each workout as many times as possible during each commercial {For the plank hold for the entirety of the commercial}

Not watching TV? Do each work out for 45-60 seconds

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