Something New!

Okay I feel like I have made this exact post last month…but really I think I’m back! You know the saying ‘when it rains it pours’ seriously sometimes it’s hard to get out of that pouring rain storm. I almost can’t believe I’m telling you this but I’ve had a couple more deaths in my family just since my last post which of course put everything on hold and I’m so sorry. I keep getting emails from readers asking “where are you?” “where have you been?” “are you okay?” First of all, thank you so much for those of you who have been checking on me, yes I’m fine with the exception of pretty much being in a sad state for the last three months.

Something new! During this time that I haven’t been blogging I have decided that I’m going to NOT going to blog every single day like I was in the past,  I’m gonna limit it to probably every other day or twice a week! Here’s why Over the last six months I started saying “yes” to everything and excepting collaborations with a ton of companies, which is great…but honestly I got overwhelmed and burned out. So in late December I started being very intentional with my collabs, so here we are and its almost may and I starting to he back into the groove of wanting to actually blog. This is not a state of mind I wanted to be and I love blogging,  I love connecting with you guys, I love sharing my thoughts and so to get burned out was really emotionally taxing on me. I mentioned in a previous post I have a ton of fitness related products, healthy snacks and TONS of make up and beauty items that I cannot wait to share with you! I’m starting two new series in May: Must have Monday and Friday Favorites! Eek I cannot wait!

FAQ about YouTube: I’ve been asked a numerous amount of times to start a YouTube channel :/ ok guys, I try so hard, I hate the way the way I sound on video and  I am very insecure…so I’m  REALLY trying to work up to doing it and hopefully within the year I will be able to bite the bullet and do it and get into a groove and feel more comfortable in front of the camera {for you for those of you who don’t know my husband and I are professional photographers so I am far more comfortable behind the camera!}

I just want to reiterate that after such a long period of time I will not be bombarding  you with post after post after post. You will be seeing my post every other day twice a week! NOT every day post or multiple times a day that is not my style. Honestly it drives me crazy when some of the blogs that I follow have been gone on hiatus and then they come back in the pose two and three posts a day, it just drives me insane! I want to come back strong but not overwhelming!

So once again thank you guys for all your support I love you guys and I love all the emails that I get! I have quite a bit on the upcoming docked such as a big Q&A of questions that I’ve been accumulating for the last 6 to 8 weeks from my readers, I am going to have a fantastic Sephora and Ulta haul coming up maybe this weekend possibly not until next week and numerous Fitness/workout reviews and must haves!

Muah & Hugs!

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