Crossfit Quickie

The weekend is here! Don’t lose the momentum you’ve had all week! Last week I shared a picture on social media and the emails started flooding in…”I need that” “When are you going to post the printable” and so on!


I actually planned to post that same night so it would be in everyones inboxes the next morning…alas that was not to be.  When I printed my copy I accidentally deleted the file. This week I threw together a new printable with a newer and pretty color scheme!

CrossFitprintableDOWNLOAD NOW!!!

For this Crossfit Quick all you need is YOU and a floor that you can comfortably do a push up on!  The idea is to do each as quickly as possible {if you are a beginner or not comfortable with that, no worries! Do it at YOUR pace}


Wanna make it more of a challenge? Here are a few ways to take it up a notch :

Use a Bosu ball for both squats and push ups

For Squats:

Using a BoSu ball with the blue {or pink side} up while doing squats will engage more muscle groups because…well you are trying not to fall! A bigger challenge would be with the blue {or pink side} down…however, I DO NOT recommend it for a beginner, the first time I used my BoSu ball this way I almost go really hurt. If you do choose to use it blue {or pink side} down I recommend having a chair or something that you can grab on to near by until you are 100% comfortable with it {you may be the first time or you may never be totally comfortable, remember there is NO shame in changing workouts to fit your comfort!}

For Push ups:

Using the BoSu ball blue {or pink side} up with either your hands or you feet balanced on the ball you defiantly take your push ups to another level! If you want a KILLER challenge then using the BoSu ball with blue {or pink side} down is what you want. Whoa, seriously this way kick my butt and my husbands butt every time! The BoSu ball has handles for you to hold on to…but in my experience that doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

I realize a lot of you might not know what a bosu ball is or may not own one {I do have a review coming later this month} Don’t worry, because there are still more ways to challenge this workout:

Change up the Squat and do:

  • Squat Kicks
  • Sumo Squats
  • Goblet Squats holding a heavy weight or kettlebell
  • or any variation of squats you like

For Push ups the best challenge {in my opinion} would be elevating your feet on a chair, this will really engage your abs and other muscle groups.

I hope you enjoy this!

CrossFitprintableDOWNLOAD NOW!!!


sigg1-copy copy


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