What does happiness mean to me…


Day 4 of the #LJInspired Instagram Challenge! Today I want to know… What does happiness mean to YOU. Where do you find happiness? And from whom? From what?

Happiness to me is….the LOVE I feel when I’m with my kids and husband no matter what we are doing or where we are! Happiness is when I surround myself with loving and supportive family, friends and of course the #sweatpink community, happiness is when think I can’t do it then I do it and realize I’m so much stronger than it thought! 

So what’s happiness to you?

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BRAVO Women’s Running!


Have you seen the latest cover of Womens Running Magazine?!?! The August 2015 issue hits newsstands early next week and features the beautiful and curvy Erica Schenk! Women’s Running is awesome for featuring a curvy girl…why because runners come in all sizes, weights, and shapes. I love this because weight is NOT an accurate measure of someones fitness level. It is unfair for society to continue to judge people by their outward appearance. Every BODY is different and can different things! No matter what your fitness level is or isn’t, if you are 100lbs or 350lbs you are still beautiful and loved!  The cover woman Erica is strong, beautiful and a RUNNER and being a curvy runner myself love and appreciate Women’s Running giving recognition to those of us who maybe don’t fit the “look” of a runner! BRAVO Women’s Running!! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to grab a copy!


**Disclaimer: Please note that I know that there are many health issues that prevent weight loss, weight gain, energy and stamina. That also my result in the inability to exercise.

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