What makes me an #LJInspired girl?


This has been such a fun week full of healthy swaps, my favorite encouragers and so much more! Together with  @lornajaneactive and @fitapproach we are ending with what makes you an #LJInspired girl? So here goes…

What makes me an #LJInspired girl?

I work hard and strive for my goals on a daily basis. When I fall I get back up and continue, I refuse to look backwards and dwell on missed opportunities, failed goals or injuries, I ALWAYS move forward! I’m not afraid of hard work and always give 1000%! I believe in my self and have an amazingly supportive husband that helps me know that I can conquer any goal.

I’m a #LJInspired girl because I have a deep longing and desire to encourage every woman who is fighting and working hard to meet their goals not matter what they are. My passion is to help each and every one of you know that you are worth it and you CAN do it! It doesn’t matter where someone has come from, its about where they are going, don’t allow your self to get trapped in the “could haves” focus on the now and what today holds! Remember that everyone falls and has set backs. We are not alone…just ask and I will always be there to support you!

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