Ready to Eat Clean?


If you spend any time on social media or the internet you probably have been seeing quite a few “buzz words/subjects” swirling around. “Clean Eating” has been one of the top subjects my readers are emailing me about! Lots of questions are being asked, but the most common are “What is Clean Eating?” and “What do I buy?” So, let’s focus on those! What is Clean Eating? Clean Eating is basically eating as natural and whole as possible. Clean Eating stresses healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. It sound super easy, however it can end up being a little overwhelming and confusing when you are bombarded by processed foods down ever isle at the grocery store. The goal of clean eating is to remove all processed foods, foods with extra additives and chemicals, and refined foods from you diet. Clean eating is not a diet it’s actually a lifestyle! Tips for getting started with a Clean Eating Life Style:

  • Eat whole, natural foods and stay away from processed foods.

This basically means if it’s in a bag, box, can or package you don’t want it {with the exception of bagged fresh veggies} When in doubt don’t go down the inside isles in the grocery store since they are chalked full of processed foods. I personally like to stick to the produce section or better yet shop at a local farmers market or farm.

  • Eat unrefined foods rather than refined foods.

Clean sugars include honey, maple syrup, and dehydrated sugar cane juice.

  • Eat protein, carbohydrates and fat at every meal.

Protein is very important when it comes to muscle-building, and it can also help curb your appetite. When eaten throughout the day, it keeps us feeling full longer.

  • Eat at home NOT out.

This way you know all ingredients you are using , where they are from and the exact amount of calories you are consuming.

  • Remember – Don’t drink your calories.

High calorie drinks such as soda pop can add an extra staggering 500 calories a day!  Remember to ALWAYS choose water first! Now, I know there are a lot of you out there that are not big water drinkers, have no fear I have an easy and oh so yummy alternative…Infused water, this is when you add fresh fruits and veggies to your water and let it sit over night in your fridge! Some of my most favorite infused waters are: Fresh Cucumber and Mint {we grow our own spearmint}, Fresh Strawberry, Peach and  Blueberry! There are tons of other options and believe me every single one is delicious!  Other clean drinks include unsweetened tea, I love this option for both iced and hot, skim milk and unsweetened almond milk {my personal favorite}  A few Clean Eating “Rules”

  • Eat your meals
  • Raw
  • Grilled
  • Baked
  • Steamed
  • Fill at least half your plate with veggies
  • Eat fruit(s) for dessert {In the summer time I like to make fruit smoothies for dessert – frozen fruit and greek yogurt blended until creamy! my kiddos LOVE it!}

Lastly, Drink a gallon of water per day! I know this may seem a little daunting but I promise it doesn’t have to be. A very easy way to achieve this goal is by simply filling a gallon pitcher with water and putting it in the fridge the night before then in the morning start filling you glass. You will be surprised at how quickly that gallon disappears. Confused about what to buy? Clean Eating can be a little overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Below I have shared our shopping list for you to print and/or save in ibooks, kindle ect.! I have it broken into categories to make your grocery shopping easy peasy! There are three different printables to choose from {Click image to download pdf}

Full Color with Background

{I recommend this one if you are saving the pdf to ibooks or kindle…because its prettier!}


Download COLOR w BG HERE

Full Color



Black & White 



Please note that this shopping list is based on the items we regularly buy. There are many other foods that fall under the “clean eating” category we just don’t eat them as much, I left space for you to add other foods.

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