Cave Tools Grill Brush {Triple Stainless Steel Bristles}


Even though it’s been super cold outside we grill at least once a week! It doesn’t matter sun, rain or snow we love to grill. So, I was beyond thrilled when Cave Tools contacted me about trying out another one of their awesome products! (You may remember a few months back when I review their amazing grilling tools set…that we absolutely love!)

When my Cave Tools package came in the mail I was so excited when I open it up and it was  Cave Tools brand-new Stainless Steel Grill Brush! We have had the same wire bristle grill cleaning brush for a while and not long ago my husband mentioned that he wanted to get a new one, so it was almost like Cave Tools knew exactly what we needed!


As I mentioned with the grilling tools review I was stunned when I open the package and saw the size and the quality of this grill brush! It is so much bigger than I thought and so much sturdier than I expected!! Once again Cave Tools has exceeded my expectations immensely. As it happened the day the grill brush arrived we were cooking steak that night! As you know if you grill anything ever…things stick to the grill all the time :/  I never olive oil it or nonstick spray our grill…ahem…we always forget. After our steak was done my husband was so excited to go and use his new brush. When he came in he said “so do you want to know what I think?” in his opinion it was the best grill brush he had ever used, it was so smooth it got our grill so clean, he was he was amazed at how great it work.

The curved bristles of this brush make it easy to get into every edge & every nook and cranny that your grill may have. The three rows of bristles make sure the grill gets as clean as possible, you don’t have any leftover food particles that could possibly contaminate other food. The Grill brush has a really long handle which is awesome, we like to clean our grill right after we remove the food, when it’s still hot, with a long handle we were able to clean the grill immediately, no waiting for the cooldown. Our previous brush had a very short handle and it would often get really really hot when we were cleaning the grill and has been known to scorch a hand or two.
As I mentioned above the grill brush is very well-made is very sturdy, it’s fairly heavy but I don’t mean heavy like it’s not easy to use, I meaning more that it is heavy as in superior quality.unnamed-1

Before writing this review my husband told me that Cave Tools is hands down his favorite grilling brand that he has ever used and wants the entire line…that may not sound like a big deal but my husband is almost never impressed enough to want an entire product line of any company but Cave Tools has truly impressed him!
I think it’s abundantly clear that I HIGHLY recommend the Cave Tools grilling brush (Cave Tools in general) if you grill even just a few times a month or if you are like us and grill nearly ever single day in the spring and summer than you will love this brush!

The Cave Tools website is they not only accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover but they also take PayPal which is a huge plus for me personally.

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Cave Tools for sending me this awesome Grill Brush! We LOVE it!!

*Although Cave Tools did send me these products to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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