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* * * Dairy Free Coconut Mylk Made with Love * * *

Recently I was sent a fun package from Rebel Kitchen full of Chocolate Mylk, Chai and Coffee! I had never tried Rebel Kitchen Mylks so I honestly had no idea what to expect. But… before I get into the Mylks, let me tell you a little more about Rebel Kitchen.

Rebel Kitchen is here to shake things up and get people excited about real food.  We’re all about:

Every other day there is a study on what we should be eating and what we shouldn’t. The negative messaging is scary and unhelpful and leaves us more confused than empowered.

 One thing is for sure: the over-processing of our food is causing health problems and a disconnection from nature. In our drive to create efficiencies in our ever-busy lives, we’ve gone too far.

 We need to get back to basics, use foods that are available to us in nature and package them up for convenience with as little intervention as possible. Food is nature’s medicine after all!


Rebel Kitchen Mylks don’t have to be refrigerated so when they arrived they were room temperature. After allowing them to chill in the fridge for a few hours, I couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted to try the Chocolate Mylk so bad! WHOA! Seriously the BEST chocolate milk I have EVER had…it tastes just like a dark chocolate brownie, no joke!! The Coffee is equally amazing…it taste like an expensive latte but right out of your fridge! And the Chai…oh the Chai, I have honestly never been a fan of Chai until Rebel Kitchen, this is so good!

Lets be honest here, how many ‘healthy’ chocolate milks {or drinks} have we all tried that do NOT taste good…gritty, bitter, chalky and just nasty that is 100% NOT the case with Rebel Kitchen! The Chocolate Mylk, Coffee Mylk and Chai Mylk are some of the best if not the best I have had! All the Mylks are rich, creamy and smooth. Not only are these drinking amazingly delicious, but they are dairy free {YAY!} since I’m lactose intolerant I LOVE that!

These little cartons are perfect for taking anywhere and everywhere! We have taken them on long car trips, hiking, biking and to grandmas house!


What I love about Rebel Kitchen:

  • Awesome Taste
  • Natural  Ingredients
  • Dairy Free
  • Made with Coconut Milk {yay no dairy!}
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Zero Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • Fun Packaging and Logo Design
  • Easy to Travel with
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Approved

The Delicious Mylk details:

(Made of out Water, Coconut Milk, Date Nectar & Cacao)
(Made out of Water, Coconut Milk, Date Nectar & Coffee)
(Made out of Water Coconut Milk, Date Nectar, Cinnamon, Cardamom & Turmeric)

revolution black

I have yet to see these in store in the Pacific Northwest but I will keep my eye out and let you know if I find them…so until then head over to Rebel Kitchen and grab some for you and your family!

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I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Rebel Kitchen for sending my family these delicious drinks!!

*Although Rebel Kitchen did send me these products to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & Rebel Kitchen

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CORE® Organic Fruit Infused Water

Who’s ready for a game changer in their water? CORE® Organic Fruit Infused Water is what you have been waiting for!


Only 5 calories per serving, antioxidants and full of flavor.
Finally, all the goodness of drinking organic without any compromise. No more need to give up on great taste or give in to calories or high sugar. 
CORE® is organic done perfectly.

core1Yes CORE® Organic is a flavored water, but not all flavored waters are created equally. Some flavored water make claims of “zero sugar” and “all natural” then you read the ingredients and discover those claims aren’t entirely true. CORE Organic is different from so many flavored waters my family has tried, its made with organic ingredients and very low on the glycemic index…with none or less than 1 g of sugar! My family loves these so much and no qualms about the, drinking a bottle or two! CORE® Organic comes in a bunch of great flavors too…


When it comes to flavored water my hubby and I can be very picky because in all honesty most of the brands we have tried are…ehhh…well, not very good or leave a nasty after taste. Enter CORE® Organic the Game Changer!! No, seriously! The flavors are SO delicious! The day they arrived I grabbed out Watermelon Lemonade and Peach Mango for myself and my hubs! We were equally sunned at how great they are!

I don’t have anything to compare the Watermelon Lemonade to, it’s just so good! The Peach Mango tastes just like {in my opinion} the Peach Tea at Starbucks!  As it happens the Peach Tea is my favorite spring and summer drink at Starbucks, I could drink it all day, but with that comes a lot of sugar and calories. The Peach Mango has 5 calories and less than 1g of sugar, so in all actuality I could drink two or three a day! YES! CORE® Organic was 100% made for me!

CORE® Organic Fruit Infused Water is


Gotta a sweet tooth? This is the perfect option, the sweet taste of the CORE® Organic waters can curb a sweet tooth as well as cravings!


I don’t have a single bad thing to say about these drinks! I love the bottle, design, logo, taste…everything! I highly recommend getting some and trying them for yourself!

Have you tried any CORE® Organic products? I’d love to here what you think of them!

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to CORE® Organic for sending my family these delicious drinks!!

*Although CORE® Organic did send me these products to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own. ALL images are ©The Life in Bloom & CORE® Organic

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Pranamat ECO Review!

Have you heard about the Pranamat ECO? Let me introduce you! The Pranamat ECO is an acupressure mat {or a modern-day bed of nails} It has 221 little lotus flowers covering the entire top of the mat and each Lotus flower 25 spikes on it so the mat is literally covered in 5000+ little spikes…Whoa!

Pranamat ECO full details…prana17

  • Size: 28.7 × 17.7 in (73 × 45 cm)
  • Cover: 100% natural linen
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic certified for use in surgical equipment
  • Mattress: 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Mattress cover: 100% untreated cotton
  • 221 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each

It comes in multiple colors


The Pranamat ECO can be used for back, neck or/and shoulder pain, tension pain and headaches, relief from stress and menstrual cramping. It can even help increase energy, help you fall asleep faster, cellulite reduction and sciatica.

Upon opening the box there is a great user guide along with the mat, it gives suggestions for how to use the mat and for how long. It suggests using the mat up to 20 minutes for stimulation and energy and 20 to 40 minutes for relaxation for tension relief and falling asleep. I would recommend working up to the 20 minutes if you are sensitive to the pressure. Some may be able to easily lay on the mat for 20 minutes whereas another may only be able to do it for 5 minutes. Pay attention you what you body is telling you. You do you.  The guide comes in four different languages Latvian, Russian, French and English

My Pranamat ECO {LAVENDER & LAVENDER $135}

The first time that I used my Pranamat ECO, I laid it down on the couch and I put a pillow under my head, as soon as I laid on it I was happy I was wearing a T-shirt and not a tank top because the lotus flowers are very prickly and the skin to mat contact was a little too much the first time  {I would definitely recommend  wearing at least a light T-shirt the first time you use it} Don’t worry you get used to it quite quickly! I can easily now lay on it with my bare skin and fall asleep!

I suffer from a lot of tension pain in my neck and upper shoulders as well as tension headaches and let me tell you the Pranamat has been amazing!


Recently, I had a really bad tension headache from the back of my skull down my entire neck and tops of my shoulders. I grabbed my Pranamat ECO and I rolled it so it pressed on all the areas with tension. I’m not really sure how long I had been laying on it when I realized I no longer had a headache and I was feeling really good. That was pretty much the moment that I was sold! It’s helped with serious pain in my low back due to an over done workout, seriously within 10 minutes I had zero pain…it didn’t come back.

prana2I stand on the mat while washing dishes, brushing my teeth and putting on makeup {this really helps with energy}.

I lay on it when I have bad cramps and the pain disappears after about 5 or so minutes.

I used to help the degenerative/buldging disks in my neck/uppr back {AMAZING relief!}

My husband and have both used it on long car trips! It has been amazing at relieving that back ache you can get after being in the car for hours!


The Pranamat ECO is also great for sore muscles after an intense workout, by simply laying the sore area on the mat you almost feel relief immediately!

I use it every single afternoon when the kids go take naps and have quite time. I put it on the couch and put pillows under my head and knees and relax! Couple this with some lavender essential oil in a defuser…prefect! Since getting this mat I have noticed a huge change in my pain, stress and relaxation!

And my kids LOVE it!


The Pranamat ECO can be used when practicing yoga, however try to stick to a restorative practice. I have personally loved this mat for legs up the wall…talk about relaxation!

I completely love this mat and highly recommend it if you suffer from anything I mentioned above! My 72 yo mother is so impressed by it that she has ordered one of her own to help with her fibromyalgia and arthritis, just in the times she has used it a my house she has had so much relief!

Don’t let the $135 price tag bother you…this is worth EVERY SINGLE penny!

I want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Pranamat ECO and Dmitry for sending me this amazing mat!!

*Although Pranamat ECO did send me these products to review I was not compensated  for this post.  All thoughts + opinions are 100% my own.

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Denim Day 2016 {No means No!}


Today is Denim day is the day we band together and wear denim in hope to stop rape and all sexual violence and its extremely personal to me and countless others.

So what Denim day all about?

In Rome in 1992, a 45-year-old driving instructor was accused of rape. When he picked up an 18-year-old girl for her first driving lesson, he allegedly raped her for an hour, then told her that if she was to tell anyone he would kill her. Later that night she told her parents and her parents agreed to help her press charges. While the alleged rapist was convicted and sentenced, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction in 1998 because the victim wore tight jeans. It was argued that she must have had to help her attacker remove her jeans, thus making the act consensual (“because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them…and by removing the jeans…it was no longer rape but consensual sex”). The Italian Supreme Court stated in its decision “it is a fact of common experience that it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them.”As of 2008 the Italian Supreme Court has overturned their findings, and there is no longer a “denim” defense to the charge of rape.

It makes me ill that victims are told it is their fault because of clothing?!?! That is UNACCEPTABLE! There is NO excuse and NEVER an invitation to rape!

Join me by wearing denim to show your support of survivors. There is NEVER an excuse…NO means NO…no excuses!

Take action and join us at

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I’ve been loving: R.I.P Prince



I am one of oh a billion people who loved Prince and was so sad to hear of his death yesterday. Growing up my mom and 5 older sisters {21 – 6 years older than me} always played Prince so I have been a life long fan! When I was little a local radio station was transitioning to a new name – KISS fm so for a full 24 hours played Prince’s Kiss…My mom loved it since that is her all time favorite! I have such fond memories of driving around town with my sister when I was a young teenager and us playing Little Red Corvette & Raspberry Beret REALLY loud for everyone to hear…it was Prince…it needed to be played loud. So today I have decided to dedicate my Friday Faves to the memory of Prince, taken to soon but never will be forgotten,  his music will live on forever…my kids 11,6 & 6 know many of his songs and know that when Prince is on mommy, daddy and auntie Jewels are turning it up and singing!


My all time favorite Prince songs {in no particular order}

Little Red Corvette


Raspberry Beret

When Doves Cry

Let’s Go Crazy

Kiss {who else thinks of Pretty Woman?}

Purple Rain

R.I.P Prince ❤

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NO junk…are you in?

Today I’m not posting Friday favorites but I am posting an awesome challenge that I would love to have you join!


The best part of this challenge? It’s free {it might even save you a little money} and its healthy!! Yay! My husband and I started yesterday and already we are both feeling so much more energetic and not sluggish!

I realize this challenge coming on the heels of my muffin post is somewhat comical 🙂

Soooooo….are YOU in? Let me know in the comments if you are joining!

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Banana Nut Muffins


Hi Friends! Lets talk food {yay!} Do you love banana bread? Banana bread hands-down my most favorite bread however it can be very high calorie and banana bread isn’t the best thing you can eat during a fitness journey. Here’s some great new for all my fellow banana bread lovers… by simply changing some of the ingredients and adding new ones, I have made dare I say the best banana bread I have ever had and you won’t believe how easy it is! It is seriously the easiest recipe and the quickest recipe you will come across

So let’s get into it!

In a large mixing bowl or I use my KitchenAid mixing bowl add 4 to 5 fairly ripened bananas {honestly I use some non ripe one and my bread came out fantastic}

Add one box of cake mix, literally the kind that you can go and buy for a dollar at the grocery store! I have used yellow cake mix, white cake mix and chocolate cake mix…you do what you love! If you want the more traditional banana bread look then the yellow cake mix is the way to go!

Blend together the bananas and the cake mix until your desired consistency {I prefer clumpy}

You can stop here and add your batter to your bread pan or cupcake papers: bake at 350° for 20 to 25 minutes depending on your oven! OR…you can continue on and add some optional ingredients! Here are my personal favorites…this is where it gets technical 😉

Two handfuls of chocolate chips
Three large handful of chopped walnuts
Two handfuls of Craisins

These are the amount that I like to add but this is such a versatile recipe you can totally play around with it!


As you can see we made this batch into the most delicious and moist cupcakes EVER!

This is become such a hit in my house that my kids have started asking if they can make banana muffins! They have loved making them the way they want! This is not only a healthier option but it bringing us together in the kitchen yay! The kids have their own recipes like chocolate cake mix and only Raisins, white cake mix and add twice as many chocolate chips, and red velvet cake mix nuts and chocolate chips. With this batter ‘base’ recipe the possibilities are endless and so much healthier!

Not a fan of bananas? Heres another awesome quick cake mix recipe {my moms personal favorite} Pick your cake, white, yellow cake, chocolate cake etc. and add a regular size can of pumpkin purée mix it together add it to your bread pan or cupcake papers bake at 350° for 20 to 25 minutes and you will have the most delicious pumpkin muffins ever. Just as with the banana bread the optional add-ins that I mentioned above go fantastic with this recipe as well! Yuuuummmmm there is nothing like a chocolate pumpkin chocolate chip muffin!


I hope that you will really enjoy these recipes! Now head to kitchen make some deliciousness!

Do you have a cake mix recipe that you want to share! I’d love to hear the way that you all use your cake mixes!

(I’m in no way claiming that I created this concept or idea because I did not. This concept was given to me by my mom who has done this since the 70’s and my very health conscious cousin who was given it by somebody else, who was given it from somebody else and so on)

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