31 Day Fit Challenge: DAY 1


DAY 1:

Today is our fitness test where we find out home many reps we are aiming for each day!

Grab your timer, this could be the microwave timer, egg timer, Fitbit or Apple Watch…anything that can be set for one minute. I will using my Fitbit Blaze countdown timer, I like this because I do not have to watch it, when the time is up it has a vibration alarm to tell me I am done. GBAnother great option is the Gymboss timer that I have mentioned MANY times and before getting my Fitbit Blaze this was my go to.
Its a circuit timer so you set the sets, time duration and rest time.

Grab your Progress Log {click image below to print} and get ready to track todays workouts!

Here is what mine looks like so far this morning! I like to check off the walk/cardio as I do them, notice the / after 1m w/kids thats there because my hubby and I will be doing a 5k later this evening. For the rest I just simply wrote how many crunches, pushups & squats I did for each minute. No, I have not done any cardio yet {I like to wait until the kids are having quite time :)} I thinking today is a Zumba day!


How did you do today? I would love to see how you are doing! So please post photos of your progress log, tweet, or whatever using #31dayfitwithbrit I can’t wait to see!

Don’t forget to weight in and take a photo {ugh I know}

If you haven’t already subscribed please do! I want to know how you are doing throughout the month!

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