31 Day Fit Challenge: DAY 2



DAY 2:

How are your feeling today…sore? I know I am! I was really surprised how sore I was when I got out of bed this morning {psst I love feeling sore after a workout, it really makes me feel like things are working and that I will see results!}

So let’s get started with day 2!

Grab your Progress Log {click image below to print} and get ready to track todays workouts!

Although I was very sore I was able to beat yesterdays scores!!

Day 1: Crunches 63 | Day 2: Crunches 68

Day 1: Push Ups 29 | Day 2: Push ups 30

Day 1: Squats 41 | Day 2: Squats 55

Even though I only did one more push up that yesterday it’s still progress and I challenged myself!

How did you do today? Let me know using #31dayfitwithbrit I cannot wait to see!

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