31 Day Fit Challenge


So the 31 day challenge has taken an unfortunate turn…sadly I will be unable to continue due to a personal injury and more that one family tragedy that needs my attention more than this series. Without getting into too much detail on Friday night I got a phone call while out shopping that my husband had been injured and needed to be rushed for stitches. He slip open his leg exposing his shin bone and ended up getting 18 stitches and what will end up being a pretty heinous scar…it all went downhill from there…out of respect for my family I will not be sharing anything else personal, but if you would please pray for my family its very needed right now! ❤ thank you for always supporting me ❤

Although I will have to take a brake you don’t have to! Next week increase your time to 1 minute 40 seconds then the final week increase to 2 minutes! I will restart the whole series in September! Im really bummed but I will roll with it!

Grab your Progress Log {click image below to print} and get ready to track todays workouts!



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