Annnnd I’m BACK!

Hey guys sorry for the whole MIA! There was lots going on and I was crazy busy trying to find a way to juggle it all…but now I’m back and ready for action!

One thing that I have been working on is my etsy shop The Apple Blossom Shop! Ok, so you might be thinking “thats not the name I remember it being” well you are right. Unfortunately someone started a blog with the EXACT same name and was selling very similar items through their blog. Sadly shoppers were misled and thought it was me, so I decided to change my shop name and remove my self and my business from a not so great situation. All is good now!

Please stop by The Apple Blossom Shop! I’d love to create something for you!



How adorable are these kitty hats?

Please take a few minutes to Connect with me

Stop by The Apple Blossom Shop and find me

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