Kettlebell Toning {Day 1}

Welcome to 2018 Kettlebell Toning Day 1:


New to Kettelbell workouts? No worries!

Kettlebell 101:

Kettlebells have quickly become one of the most efficient and effective tools for sculpting and toning a slim & strong physique.

But Why? With a kettlebell you work all your major muscle groups at once, instead of isolating muscle groups like you do when lifting dumbbells. Since the weight isn’t evenly distributed,  you have to work hard and continuously to control the kettlebells shifting center of gravity. {psst. thats why so many muscle groups get toned and sculpted!}

Why I love Kettlebells:

Kettlebells are not just awesome but they are highly effective, they allow you to do cardio and weight training in one workout….at the same time. What does this mean for you? You will be getting a killer workout in half the time! What mama wouldn’t love a time saver like that!

Buying Kettlebell:

If you don’t have a Kettlebell don’t worry you can get a number of different kettlebells at most sporting goods stores,  even walmart has quite a few on their website!

Remember that not all kettlebells are created equal. TIP: be sure you look for kettlebells with a wide enough handle that you can grip it with both hands, and make sure there are no rough edges that will cut up your hands {if this worries you rest assure there are Kettlebells that are plastic coated}

Before you buy pick the right Kettlebell weight for you:

If you have never used a Kettlebell start of lighter, women should start with a 10 or 15 pound kettlebell {depending on your fitness level you can absolutely start with a 5 pounder!}

kettleLet’s kick off Day 1 Strong! 

Just a few things before we get started:

  • If you are new to Kettlebells then start out with a lighter weight {5-10 lbs} you can always go heavier once you have gotten used to the lighter bell.
  • Use the weight that is right for you. Don’t get over zealous and use a weight that is heavier that you are used to, work up to a heavier weight.

Kettlebell Swing: 


  • Hold kettlebell by handle with both hands
  • Swing kettlebell between legs act like you are trying to hit yourself in the butt
  • Thrust hips forward, straighten knees, and squeeze glutes to swing kettlebell through legs and up to chest height
  • Allowing gravity to assist, swing weight down, hinging at hips and pressing butt back to bring kettlebell through legs
  • Immediately go into another swing, bringing kettlebell to chest height

Why Kettlebell Swing?

Looking for a quick and easy yet challenging cardio? The Kettlebell Swing is for you! Doing this simple move can burn up to 20 calories a minute…Thats huge!

This Kettlebell swing will effectively work pretty much your entire body! Muscle groups engaged are:

  • core
  • lower back
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • quadriceps

To give you a little boost I have a 30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge for you! Print out this baby and get swinging!


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