Kettlebell Toning {Day 5}


Welcome to Kettlebell Toning day 5! Heres a great little Kettlebell WOD {workout of the day} that I have shared so many times and get so much great feedback about! But first…

Last night, as I was scrolling through pinterest I stumbled across something perfectly encouraging!


Awesome huh! No matter what yesterday was like, today is a new day to start fresh and workout hard!

Now on to the workout!

Just a few things before we get started:

  • If you are new to Kettlebells then start out with a lighter weight {5-10 lbs} you can always go heavier once you have gotten used to the lighter bell.
  • Use the weight that is right for you. Don’t get over zealous and use a weight that is heavier that you are used to, work up to a heavier weight.

Like most of my workouts this can be done pretty much anywhere! Its a fairly quick yet butt kicking WOD!


Happy Sweating!

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