Lizatards Leotards on Sale!


*This post has been updated: Links have been removed for items or products that are no longer available. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We are back from vacation…thats why I’ve been a bit missing in action! It was amazing and exactly what our family needed! YAY! It’s that time of year when the snow has finally melted {I hope it has where you live…I know its been trying to hang around in some parts of the country!} It actually starting to get down right hot! Today I wanted to share a some of Lizatards sale items…because I mean who doesn’t love a sale right? Let do this!



Lizatards Leotard Lizard

 We LOVE this so much!
Lizatards Leotard Lime Loops

gymnastics leotard
Lizatards Leotard Lime Light

Lizatards Leotard Heart of Beast Velvet


Be sure to check out Lizatards website beacuse there are a bunch more on sale and follow them on social media

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