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Happy JUNE…wait…what the heck it’s June? Seriously May came and went in the blink of an eye!

I was thinking….it’s been a while since we’ve shared new leos hasn’t it? Hmmm well there’s no time like the present right?

If you’ve been with us for a while then you know that we love Lizatards and are thrilled to be on the Lizatards ambassador team! This month Gabbi got some ridiculously cute leos and we couldn’t wait to share them!



Two Toned Bright Chevron Leotard:

This leotard is ADORABLE & a must have for any gymnast or dancer! Gabbi usually doesn’t like two or more fabric because of the seams (they really bother her) but she adores this leo and wears it around the house and with shorts!
The pewter at the top has a beautiful sparkle to it and the tie dyed bright chevron is sparkly!


Red, White and Blue Ribbons Leotard:


This leotard is not only gorgeously patriotic but it is so comfortable (according to Gabbi of course) Gabbi was thrilled when she saw it, she loves everything and anything red, white and blue. The blue has a glistening sheen to it when the light catches it making it an attention grabber! I think we’re going to have to get Gabbi a red pair of bar shorts to go with this leo!


As with her other Lizatards leos these are of the same great quality and fit! Gabbi is so narrow making some leotards fit her in the torso but they end up being super baggy in the body, that has never been the case with any of her Lizatards! It’s truly like the sizing is based on her as the model! *Gabbi is wearing a Lizatards CM and normally wears a 6/7 in Justice clothing. 

Gabbi also LOVES and really wants these Leotards:



QOTD (question of the day)
Head over to the Lizatards website and tell us which is your favorite leotard!

We have shared with SO many moms our love for Lizatards and nine times out of ten those same moms get their daughters Lizatards too! They are ALWAYS thrilled with their Lizatards Leotards as well!

Seriously Friends you NEED some Lizatards in your life!

*there are no sales codes or affiliate link in this post, I am not making money on this post.

Be sure to check out Lizatards website, there are so many great leotards to choose from!

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