Kids + Golf = SO MUCH FUN!

Golf in one of those sports that you can do forever and its loved by so many young and old!

My son Simon {our HE of our b/g twins} LOVES Golf and spends every day working on his golf game! Currently, twice a week his dad takes him to the Golf Club right by us!


Here are a few quick tips to make Golf fun for you and your young or beginner kids!

Let them be kids and call the shots:

We all want our children to learn the game right a way, we even have our own thoughts on the right way to play, but for little children they can easily become inundated and overwhelmed. When you take your child to the driving range let them lead the way and ask the questions they want to ask. Don’t worry the correct grip, stance etc. will happen…maybe not the first few times but it will come!


Simply sharing the joy of good hit will work wonders for your child’s golf game! s12Enthusiasm will not only fill your child with joy and pride, it will grow your child’s desire to learn and excel in golf! So don’t be afraid to act like a kid again, jump up and down and be excited! You will have fun {which your deserve} and your child will LOVE it!

Don’t Criticize:

When it comes to children, they’re pretty easy to understand, either something is fun or not fun, and something fun can quickly turn to not fun when a child thinks they are doing something wrong. Kids also can misread correction as criticism and disappointment. When your child hits a good shot tell them “good shot” when your child has the right stance they them “great stance” they will thrive! Maybe your child doesn’t have a great hit or putt, don’t point out what was wrong about it, instead say some like “That was so good, next time try to_______” .

Let the short game shine:

s14Take advance of the practice green! Simon loves starting little putting competitions with his dad!
Simon also LOVES chipping and putting, he is always practicing and to be honest the putting green has instilled so much “Golf Joy” in him.

Play with some teaching, not teaching with some playing:

Lessons last between 30-45 minutes. We spend maybe 10-15 minutes of actual teaching then the rest of the time playing! We also love to just go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls, it may take 20 minutes or 1 hour and its fun!

Golf is so much fun but be sure to keep your children safe!

  • Locally children under six are not allowed on most driving ranges for their safety (be sure to check the age requirements of course you plan to go to)
  • Make sure to ALWAYS keep your child in your line of sight.
  • When you are on the range always have your child in front of you, not behind you.
  • Before you get started make sure your child knows the boundaries that they should stay in or behind.
  • NEVER let your child drive the cart to prevent injuries to themselves or others.

This post is based on our own experiences.

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