365 Devotional for a Thankful Heart


I’ve probably mentioned it a dozen times but it ture…I love Zondervan gift devotionals! There is just something about the size and the devotions inside that fill me with joy. 365 Devotional for a Thankful Heart does not disappoint.

First off the cover is GORGEOUS isn’t it! Inside it’s broken down into months, making it extremely easy to find the day you need (it also has the traditional silk bookmark)

Each devotional begins with a verse (it notes which version it is from, which I love) then it goes into the devotion that is two to three paragraphs and ends with more of a prayer statement, it’s not a full prayer…example: Make my life a living praise to you, O Lord!


All in all I really like this devotional and know that many will as well! It’s perfect for a nightstand or your favorite chair where you have morning coffee or tea!

My only recommendation would be to read the whole chapter that each verse is taken from, I just feel that is gives you so much more!

Thank you to Booklook Bloggers for the opportunity to read and review this book! 

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