Lizatards Fundraiser Leotard {Califorina Fires}

Update 12/28: These gorgeous leotards are no long available, THANK YOU to everyone who purchased one or both! Lizatards was able to give a VERY wonderful gift! ❤

gabw1Without a doubt you have heard about the devastating fires in California. We spent  Thanksgiving in California {driving from WA state} Seeing the devastation first hand was truly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My husband and I cried driving through towns that were basically non existent…so many people lost everything. It was overwhelming and gut wrenching. Our Hotel was to capacity, not because people were visiting for Thanksgiving but refuge from the fires. Some of the families had cars full of frame photos and rubbermaids full of their cherished belongings. As I said it was overwhelming.


When we arrived home and discovered that Lizatards was doing a fundraiser I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Head over to Lizatards right now and purchase one or both of these gorgeous leotards for $10!


The proceeds go to support the fire victims! The leos are listed as “California Fire Holiday Leotard” These leotards will be $10 until they are gone!


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