Heart Month Fundraiser from Lizatards

Remember earlier this month when I shared the awesome fundraiser my friends over at Lizatards are having? In case you missed it I wanted to share it once more before February comes to an end!

February is Heart Health/ Heart Disease Month and chances are we have all been effected by it in one way or another.  It’s horrible to watch someone suffer especially a child.

IMG_6822We are blessed and so thankful that our children have not had to spend countless days, months or even years in the hospital, but that is not the case for some of our friends. Two families we know both have sons with extreme heart conditions and have spent most of their lives in the hospital, had countless appointments and surgeries, some good, some not so good. We’ve watched helplessly as their children suffer unable to do anything and SO thankful for the doctors and nurses to are helping.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Lizatards is not only our fave but they are always giving back! This month in honor of Heart Health they are doing an amazing fundraiser the proceeds will go to the Children’s Heart Institute. When I heard about this Fundraiser I wanted to share it with the world…so that’s what I’m doing!

Right now you can get this amazing long sleeve burnout {thin yet cozy fabric} for $10 with the proceeds going to families who need it! The Heart with Wings shirt comes in three great colors

Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation
Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation
Lizatards Heart with Wings Thermal Long Sleeve- Donation

This isn’t just a cute shirt, there is actually a very emotional story behind this sweet design. This heart with wings was drawn by Brittany a sweet 14 year old girl who died from a heart condition.

Please help these families by the supporting this amazing cause and the Children’s Heart Institute.

Order your Lizarads Heart with Wings HERE!

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