Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

If you have spent any time any where than chance are pretty good that you know Baby Shark, if not here you go…

You’re welcome, that will now be stuck in your head for the remainder of the week!

Baby Shark is like the Macarena of 2019…seriously its everywhere! One of the funniest places I’ve seen Baby Shark is during gymnastics conditioning {if you are a gymnast or dancer look it up, you love it!}

Does your daughter love and want to show off her inner baby shark at the gym? Well my friends Lizatards has made that possible with their ADORABLE new Baby Sharks Leotard! Seriously look at how cute this is!


This precious leotard comes in the purple pictured and the sweetest pink ever! It has quickly become Gabbi’s favorite leo as well as her gyms staff favorite! She had more questions about this leotard than any other one! Baby Shark has taken the entire world by storm and this leotard really makes Gabbi look the part!

Head over to Lizatards now and grab yours…Gabbi defiantly wants the pink one too! The leotard is perfect for summer gymnastics camp!

Save 10% by using code: gabbi10off

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