My Atkins Journey {New Year’s Resolutions and Atkins Shakes}

Oh my gosh I cannot believe it is a new year! It seems like just yesterday I was starting my amazing Atkins Journey! It has been a great few months and I couldn’t be more excited about how far I’ve come! Not only have I lost an amazing 25 lbs, but I have gained a […]

My Atkins Journey {Update, Healthy Start with Breakfast and Atkins all new breakfast sandwich}

Over the past few months I’ve mentioned a couple of times that used to never eat breakfast. I rarely would eat anything before lunchtime and sometimes I wouldn’t even drink anything before lunchtime. How that work out for me? Well, I delt with dehydration and extreme fatigue because I was not putting nutrients into my body first […]

My Atkins Journey {Update, Meal Bars and staying on track! }

So here we are about one month into my Atkins journey! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way my body has changed the way my eating habits have changed and my overall energy and fitness level!! As of November 30 I have lost 22 pounds! I seriously couldn’t be more giddy 🙂 During my […]

My Atkins Journey {Frozen Meals & Endulge Treats}

All this month I’ve been sharing about my new journey on the Atkins 40 diet/meal plan {You can read the previous posts here and here} Today I wanted to give you an update on how it’s been going and I want to tell you all about Atkins frozen meals! First off, here I am about […]

My first week on Atkins!

Remember at the end of October when I shared {in this post} that I would be starting Atkins soon? Well, today I want to tell you all about my first week on Atkins 40! A Atkins 40 Reminder: With Atkins 40 instead of doing the regular Atkins program broken down into phases, starting with 20 […]

Time for a Lifestyle Change with Atkins Weight Loss Program!

As I continue in my weight loss journey I’ve made all kinds of changes in my workouts and now it’s time for a total complete diet/lifestyle change! I’m so excited that starting in November {just a few days away} I will be starting the Atkins 40 diet/weight-loss program, and I can’t even begin to tell […]


This week #SweatPink asks: “What are your current fitness and healthy living goals? What’s your strategy for staying on track with achieving your goals?” This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, with the season change quickly approaching {where I live at least} and the face that I’m currently battling a significant slipped and bulging disc that […]