How I roll…

I’m Mommy….

and this is how I roll…

I’ve gone through more 60 hours of hard-painful-no med labor (E)

I’ve had a c-section (S&G)

I’ve had 5 missed spinal taps before it worked

I’ve been peed on

I’ve been pooped on

I’ve been puked on

I’ve held screaming twins until they fell asleep

I’ve carried three kids to bed…at the same time

I’ve rocked all my babies to sleep

I’ve stayed up taking care of one or more sick babies

I’ve had toys thrown at me

I’ve had food thrown at me

I’ve rushed to the doctor’s office with a child that needed stitches

I’ve called poison control

I’ve breastfed for the last 5 years

I’ve gone days without a shower

I’ve taking care of 3 little children, while having the flu


I’ve loved everyday of it! I am MOMMY!

For the last almost 6 years I have been called mama! I wouldn’t change it for anything!!

Whoa its been a long summer!!

Yes! I am still here! I have been ultra busy with end of summer events!! We started our Homeschooling year on August 1st, and it is going awesome! This year we are doing a blend theme of Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade. Elias really seems to be more into the 2nd grade stuff, so that has been really fun! The twins are turning 1 in about 3 weeks…so planning, planning and…yep more planning!! Simon has been walking now for about 7-8weeks, so he is a old pro! Gabbi, well she is slowly on her way:) Maybe by their bday…but well see:) We have been preparing for winter, I think I am all stocked up on Wool longies…special thanks to the many moms of twins I have met on this wild ride, of being a mama of twins!!:)
Currently I am working on a few reviews, that I will be posting in the next few days! I have a few in the works as well…oh and they are good:) I hope you are all have a fantastic end of summer!!!