Review – Woodstock Candy {GIVEAWAY Alert}


Think back to when you were a child! Did you have a favorite candy?!?! I know I did…Candy Necklaces, ring pops, pixy stix, just to name a few. 

My wonderful husband just celebrated his 30th Birthday! I wanted to do something different for this very special birthday…something fun…something…but what?!? While searching for ideas I came across Woodstock Candy

“Fun and fabulous birthday candy gifts are shipped to you from Woodstock, New York! When shopping for 50th birthday party gift ideas or 60th birthday party gifts, check out our great assortments of nostalgic old fashioned retro candy boxes.
Gift boxes of old fashioned retro candy are fantastic for any celebration. Choose one and we’ll send it to all your favorite baby boomers for great 50th birthday gifts! Also available are nostalgic candy boxes filled with childhood memories for 30th, 40th, 60th, 70th, and 80th birthday party gifts. Our customers are thrilled to find that this nostalgia retro candy is still available, so have fun and look around!”

WoodStock Candy was the perfect gift! My husband has the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever, so I knew it would be a total hit!

What we got…
30th Birthday Gift – Nostalgic Candy 

A fun box of nostalgic candy makes a great 30th birthday gift! Surprise a thirty year old with candy they’ll remember from their childhood. If they ever played with Strawberry Shortcake, Pound Puppies, Rainbow Brite, Micro Machines, or Masters of the Universe, you know they’re going to turn 30. Send them on a trip down memory lane for their 30th birthday with all this fun candy.

This special 30th birthday gift box comes filled with forty kinds of candy:

Bubble Tape, Big League Chew, Jolly Rancher Stick, Ring Pop, Laffy Taffy, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Razzles, Saf-T-Pop, Candy Lipstick, Root Beer Barrels, Pop Rocks, Smartie Pops, Zotz, Pixy Stix, Starburst, Skittles, Tootsie Pop, Candy Cigarettes, Lemonheads, Sugar Daddy Pop Jr., Atomic Fireballs, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Juicy Fruit Gum, Gobstoppers, Mary Janes, Necco Wafers, Push Pop, Now & Later, Dubble Bubble Gum, Candy Buttons on Paper, Strawberry Twizzler, Black Taffy, Bit-O-Honey,Chick-O-Stick, Gummy Bears, Fun Dip, and a Candy Necklace.

My husbands reaction to this gift was more than I could have imagined! He was like a child…so excited! He kept telling me “this is the coolest gift!” “I love this” “This is the best idea”…yeah Woodstock Candy was a GIANT hit! He even took the box to work to show off!!! He recalled memories when him and his brother would walk over to the store and buy candy…some  of the candy he hadn’t even seen since he was a child! We talked about how as soon as we smelled some of the candies, it ignited a memory…I remembered being a little girl in Kansas going to my brother’s football games and playing with my friends. My husband remember getting his allowance and going to the candy aisle at the store! In addition to his personal excitement, my husband was so excited to share his gift with our children! He loved being about to tell our 6 year old son about all the candies he had as a child! E was so excited that Daddy gave him his ring pop!

 We have had so much fun with this candy…after the kids go to bed we open up the box and have a treat! I absolutely love this as well!!!! Their candy has definitely been one of my favorite products that I have ever reviewed, and I have reviewed some pretty awesome stuff!!
My sister is turning 50 this year and my mom is going to turn 70 in a few years…Now that we know about Woodstock Candy guess what they are getting…yup! you got it, Woodstock Candy! Planning a 50’s – 60’s – 70’s – or 80’s party?? Woodstock Candy has you covered!

About Woodstock Candy…
“Welcome to Woodstock Candy! We have been in business since 1992. My name is Bridget, and I am a baby boomer. I remember when I was a kid, we would ride our bikes to Folk Art of Woodstock to buy penny candy with our allowance. We could choose between Mary Janes, Bit-O-Honey, Kits, Wax Bottles, Candy Buttons on Paper, Jawbreakers, BB Bats, Pixy Stix, Fireballs and other candies that were in the glass jars. Thinking back, I realize how much patience Nina, the proprietor, had with us kids. We started selling candy in 1992 and realized people loved seeing the nostalgic candy they grew up with. There was an actual demand for it! Selling candy online is not the same as being face to face with children counting out their pennies, but it’s still rewarding to sell the very same candies that I grew up with. The nostalgia of this retro candy reminds me of being a kid, and I hope that when you see a collection of this candy, you’ll go back in time as well.”

I would highly recommend Woodstock Candy to anyone who is looking for a fun and unique gift for someone they love! 

I would like to Thank Woodstock Candy for this fantastic Review and Giveaway!! 

Head over to The Woodstock Candy website to order today…or…you can enter to win a Gift Box of your Choice right here! Simply complete the form below and you are entered!

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Review – BabyLegs


BABYLEGS {Review and Giveaway}

BabyLegs in “Handy Man” and “Showers”

If you are a follower of ALSNS then you probably know that I’m totally and completely in love with BabyLegs! I mean c’mon what’s not to love? The BabyLegs Legwarmers are one size fits all, even Mama and Daddy can steal them to wear on their arms…and my husband and I do! My boys who are 4 years apart can share…score! The socks come in two packs and are crazy cute with grippy bottoms…a must in my home. The Tights…oh the adorable tights! My daughter looks precious in the tights, I absolutely love the Footless tights! On top of all of that they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! BabyLegs is a awesome company, and I have loved working with them. I thrilled to be sent a bunch of BabyLegs products to review!

What I received…**All the styles I received are currently ON SALE at

BabyLegs Footless Tights in Juicy!
I think these are my favorites!!!
BabyLegs leg warmers are so quick and easy, slip them on arms or legs and you are ready to go! BabyLegs are the cutest leg warmers and come in so many great styles! My entire family loves them! The BabyLegs footless tights are some of my favorites! My little girl loves to have bare feet, but her little legs get cold, not so with the footless tights! Plus, the footless tight will be perfect when she starts dance this late summer early fall! BabyLegs socks are so cute and soft, and my boys have warm cozy feet! I love them!!
Footless Tights: JUICY
The BabyLegs Legwarmers are fantastic for potty training. The twins have recently started wanting to us the potty!!! YAY! However, I don’t want to let them run around naked! It’s still a little chilly, the Legwarmers help out so much! The twins can wear a hoodie or a tee, a dipe and a pair of BabyLegs Legwarmers!

“Showers” SO cute!

When the weather gets warmer, we spend a TON of time out at my mom’s, she has a bunch of land on a lake! It is so easy just to throw a few pairs of BabyLegs Legwarmers in the car for each child! When it get chilly in the evening we break out the BabyLegs, slip em’ on the twins legs and our older sons arms, and back to grilling Marshmellows!!

What You Need to Know about BabyLegs

  • One Size fits Most! Can be worn on legs from ages 0-10 years old, and from 0-100 will love them!
  • Makes Diaper Changes easy! They make Diaper changes on the twins so fast, not messing with tights or pants! 
  • Protection for crawlers! When my Little ones started crawling, they always had red little knees. But, with BabyLegs I didn’t have to worry about little red knees, they can crawls on any surface and I know their little knees are protected!!! Even in our front yard where we have lava rocks!  
  • Versatile Fashion for both boys, girls, and adults! There is a huge selection of patterns and styles perfect for Babies, Kids and Adult, they even have Newborn size! The hardest part of BabyLegs is deciding what to get!!  
  • Keep em’ Warm! Perfect for little ones legs and arms! 5 year old loves his BabyLegs with shorts. The kiddos all have been wearing the BabyLegs on their arms, and they look so CUTE! 
  • I love the “Handy Man” on my little guy!
  • On the Go! BabyLegs, Tights, and socks are perfect for on the go, they are so small together that they can be thrown into the diaper bag and ready for you to grab when it starts getting cold in the evening!

I don’t hesitate to recommend BabyLegs to anyone and everyone! They are on ALSNS “Must have List”. They still look fantastic after being washed! If you have never had a pair of BabyLegs you truly don’t know what you are missing! You will love them! They are some of my favorite accessories in the Twin’s wardrobe!

BabyLeg Socks in ADORABLE “Tool Kit”

Why do we Love BabyLegs?…All three kiddos love wearing them! My kiddos are three very different sizes…and slim and tall 6 year old, a chunky twin boy, and a teeny tiny twin girl! I was worried when we got our first pair of BabyLegs that they would be tight and leave pressure marks on Simon’s chunky thighs, but they didn’t at all!! They have incredable strech! The leg warmers truly make diaper changes eaiser, and I think potty training is going to be a breeze!! The tights are adorable and Gabbi was able to wear them on cool days or warm days, they are perfect for all year around! All in all I love any and every BabyLeg product and want more for my kiddos…Gabbi is a girly girl and always wants a pair of legwarmers or tights on and my boy LOVE the legwarmers and the socks!

Buy Them: You can purchase
BabyLegs products from their website!
The leg warmers start at $12, socks at $10, and tights at $16. There is a big sale going on now!!

Win some: One super lucky A Little Sugar n’ Spice reader is going to win a BabyLegs Grab Bag! It will be full of BabyLegs {like what I got}. You will get to choose the theme: Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral, and the size! This grab bag is worth $50.00…AWESOME!!!

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Review – BabyBond


My twins turned 20 months on Mother’s day! I cannot believe it!
Much to the surprise of Many, I am still breastfeeding! Breastfeeding twins is so much different then it was breastfeeding my singleton. Breastfeeding a toddler is crazy and hectic…but breastfeeding toddler twins….whoo hooo! There are pros and cons when it comes to breastfeeding a toddler or in my case two toddlers.

A few Pros:

  • The don’t nurse as long or as often. When they were infants they would nurse for 1hour plus ever 2-3 hours…yeah, do the math…I was a milk factory and that was about it:)
  • They can tell me when they want to nurse!


  • They can tell me when they want to nurse…even when they don’t really want to. 
  • They want to play with each other while nurse, so sometimes it turns in to a big ol game for them, and not pleasant for Mama;)
  • They want to be a part of anything and EVERYTHING that is going on around them! That’s the big one…everything else really doesn’t matter and honestly I am not bothered by any of it!
  • In talking to other Mama’s who breastfeed toddler they agree! These toddler just want to be apart of everything!

You know what I am talking about don’t you!! 🙂 Let me ask you this, Have you ever tried nursing a crazy toddler under a blanket or nursing cover? Yeah…not happing with my little crazies!:)

I am so excited to share with you a second time the BabyBond Nursing Sash!

BabyBond™ nursing accessories cover mom, not her baby. Mom is able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate. After all, dining is social.

BabyBond™ iParenting Award winning patented designs are products of Slurp & Burp, LLC.

Read About BabyBond Here!

BabyBond Comes in three Fantastic Styles!

Click HERE to view BabyBond Couture!

Click HERE to view BabyBond Flex!

Click HERE to view BabyBond Original!

You will have not problem finding a BabyBond that is perfect for you!!

I reviewed the BabyBond Flex last year – Read Here! Today, I would love to tell you about the BabyBond Couture!

In Riviera

BabyBond Couture™ is adjustable creating a custom fit as your body changes after baby arrives. A hybrid between nursing top and belly band, it can be worn to nurse from the top or the bottom of your shirt so it works with your entire wardrobe. When worn like a sash, it functions like a nursing top. When worn like a belt, it functions like a belly band. Rolls up into self-storing pouch. – 100% Cotton. Machine washable. Made in USA.

First off, I received a BabyBond Couture in Riviera…and it is BEAUTIFUL! I chose the Couture because of the versatility of it. It can be worn over a shirt, like the Original and the Flex. It can also be worn around the waist, no embarrassing skin or tummy showing!

At Church there is a nursing mother’s room, which is fantastic…because I am nursing two so it is kind of difficult to keep from being totally and completely exposed! But, then there is the whole other part, of course there are other nursing Mama’s in the nursing Mother’s room…I know, go figure! The twins love, love, love seeing babies! A around the neck nursing cover is a no go. They are always pulling off and popping their little heads out to see the “be be!” thus, turning what would be a quick 10 or less minute “babas” into a 25 minute on and off ordeal! With the BabyBond Couture this is a non issue! they are able to see what is going on around them and nurse!

When visiting my mom, Grandma…or as the twins say…”MA” they tend to want to nurse once in the evening, but are unwilling to take their eyes off MA or her kitties…we don’t have a kitty, so it is huge deal!! 🙂 Again with the BabyBond, it’s no biggy. They have their brief nurse all the while looking at me and watching everything around them!

Honestly I truly believe that the BabyBond is a MUST have! I love the BabyBond couture and you will not catch me leaving home with out it…this is easy because it rolls up and takes up almost no space in my purse!!

If you are the kind of Mama who has the kind of Baby who NEEDS to be apart of everything, You will LOVE LOVE LOVE BabyBond couture!

Pick up your BabyBond on their website…or….


Enter to win one on ALSNS! BabyBond is offering one lucky winner the BabyBond of their choice…Awesome!

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Review – GIANI Granite


 Since we moved in to our home in 2006 we have made many changes and upgrades to make our house a home for our family. However, one thing has remained the same…the hideous pepto pink counter tops in our kitchen, thank you 1987 for that special gift!

We have always talked about changing them, but a “counter top” budget is just not a priority when you have little kids. My sister got new granite counter tops a few years ago and she got a killer deal…$450 for her huge kitchen, but still $450? No way! We looked around the Home Depot at all there different options, but to be honest we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of removing are set in sink and the glue. They also offer counter top paint…but it is flat, and comes in a number of very light muted colors, which is just not us!

A few months back I was visiting a wonderful friends blog Homemade Mom! She was doing a review on something I had never heard of “Giani Granite“. I went to their website, for first look I was so excited! Giani Granite is EXCATLY what I had been searching for and the price was right!!!

For $49.50 you can buy Giani Granite Paint for Counter tops! One kit will cover approximately 35 square feet of countertop space. For our Kitchen we need 2 kits. When I first opened the package, I was a little uncertain that the small cans would be enough to cover my counter tops, but the directions assured me that it would be more than enough. There are and number of different kits/colors that you can purchase. I decided on the Chocolate Brown. That kit came with:

-12 Oz. of IronCoreTM Primer-Base Coat

– 6 Oz. of Brown Feldspar Mineral
– 6 Oz. of Inca Gold Mineral
– 6 Oz. of Chocolate Brown Mineral
– 16 Oz. of Automotive Polyurethane Topcoat
– 6″ GIANITM roller arm and two roller pads
– 4″ GIANITM granite paint sponge
– 2″ Foam Brush
– Black Practice Poster Board
– ‘Paint-by-Number’ DVD for beginners
– Illustrated Instructions

BEFORE and AFTER…I just couldn’t wait until the end of the review!!!



Do you see the AMAZING difference??? I was totally shocked when I looked at the before and after photos!!!

Tile Removal!
The Giani Granite Package arrived via UPS on a Wednesday. We started our “Kitchen Revamp” that night. I decided if I was going to have a beautiful new counter top, I need and new back splash…not the matching pink. Wednesday night we knocked out all the pink tile.
 This ended up taking a longer that expected so we didn’t primer (Step One) until Thursday. The next morning Friday I sponged on the Brown Feldspar Mineral, Inca Gold Mineral and Chocolate Brown Mineral.
Black Primer!
I was very surprised at how truly easy it was, and how beautiful it looked. Late Friday night I finished up the counter top with the Clear Top Coat! Saturday night I placed all the tile and grouted Sunday Morning. The kitchen was COMPLETELY different! I was concerned about how easy or hard for that matter it would be with the kids under toe. I was able to do everything while the kids were in bed or napping! Giani Granite is perfect if you have a busy family!

Watch a Giani Granite video

Giani Granite boosts 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! I am here to say that My husband and I are 100% Satisfied!

two colors!

Now with the brown! Beautiful!

How About a few more photos…I love my “NEW” kitchen!!!!

You might be thinking “It’s paint, not actual rock or granite, so how strong could it really be?” Well I have the answer!

How Durable is GIANI?
The GIANI polymers are automotive grade resins that are used in the manufacture of car bumpers, so your countertop is extremely durable. Like most new water-based resin technologies, the cure time for GIANI is approximately two weeks to achieve its full hardness. So even though you may use your counters in forty-eight hours, don’t aggressively scrub on them for two weeks.

1) Can it be scratched?

Yes, just like granite and Formica -its not recommended for cutting or chopping. The difference – is – if ever necessary – you can renew GIANI quickly and easily.

2) Will it stain?

It can if strong contaminates are allowed to set for a long period.

3) How long will it last?

As long as any conventional countertop.

4) Will it show fingerprints?

No, unlike mined granite, GIANI will not fingerprint because the clear resin surrounds the minerals.

5) Is it heat resistant?

Yes, GIANI is heat resistant up to 250F. As with Formica – it is not designed for pots or pans directly from ovens or ranges.

6) Can it be used outside?
Yes, GIANI is an automotive grade resin so it performs well outside. Note, GIANI is not designed for surfaces that will be submerged in water.

 If you need a counter top change, weather it be in you kitchen, laundry room, or a bathroom, and you don’t want to break the bank…You NEED Giani Granite! You will LOVE it, I Guarantee it!

You can head over to the GIANI Granite website to buy a kit of your own!

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Review – ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer!


So many new parents are over-whelmed, over-tired and have a difficult time recalling simple tasks when dealing with newborns. When the twins were first born, I could barely remember if I had taken a shower…and I know I am not the only one.

Don’t worry my friends, the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer (soon to be Pocket Nanny) has come to ‘our’ rescue!


The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer is a multi-purpose tool that helps you remember the basic details of baby care. ITZBEEN has four timers that count up with the touch of a button…so you will always know how long it’s been! ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer was developed by a new mom and dad who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details, such as when their baby last ate or napped. They tried charts and journals, but thought there had to be a better way. So, they created the ITZBEEN™: a multi-purpose nursery tool that helps new parents remember the basic details of baby care. The ITZBEEN™ has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a new parent in mind.

Three Great Colors!!

The ITZBEEN (pronounced “it’s been”… as in it’s been two hours since the baby A nursed) is a multi-purpose little monitor designed to help new parents learn, remember and communicate the basic details of baby-care. The ITZBEEN goal was to develop a tool that would help first-time moms and dads become better parents, and to make the job of being a new parent a little easier.
The ITZBEEN has four different task settings for – diaper change, nursing or feeding, sleep or awake and medication or other task. Simply press the button once after the that task is completed and watch the timer count up, letting you know how long it’s been since the baby-care task was completed. Another helpful feature on the ITZBEEN, is the Nursing Reminder. By sliding the switch from “L” to “R”, you will be reminded of which side baby last fed from. I would have love this feature when the twins were newborn.

The focus has been on how great the ITZBEEN is for Newborns and small babies, but I would like to share how fantastic it is for Toddlers, Kids and even Mommy!

ITZBEEN in Blue!
My ITZBEEN arrived in the thick of Spring sickness…horrible cold and flu going around our home, including me, UGH! The ITZBEEN was awesome to have. I use the three top buttons (the diaper, the bottle, and the Zzz) for each of my children and their cough meds or whatever they needed. This way hours later when my husband arrived home we knew exactly what time doses where given! It is fantastic for night time as well, it lights up VERY bright and is very clear! If I took meds I used the bottom (* button) for me!
In additon to keeping meds and three kids organized. Now that we are all better, the bottle button is perfect for my girly twin. She has dropped some weight due to a iron deficiency. Because of the iron deficiency we have to make sure that she in addition to getting a specific amount of food, she has to get 10oz. of whole milk…enter ITZBEEN bottle button, After each 2oz. bottle I just press that little button to keep track. I Love the ITZBEEN! I even push the little ‘Zzz’ button when they fall asleep…hey! guess what? The twins nap 2.5+ hours everyday!!

All Lit Up!

Ok, so my favorite part! When my older son was almost 2 he started wanting to go potty in the ‘Big Boy’ potty. He was potty trained super fast. I would take him potty ever single 15 min for 3 days, on day 4. He went all by himself!! I was so proud of him. Now, the twins are just about there. The Diaper button on the ITZBEEN is and has been my best friend. When I’m busy working and they are playing I can clip the ITZBEEN to the screen of my laptop and know exactly when it’s ‘potty time’

I will be recommending the ITZBEEN to everyone who is expecting, nursing, potty training…ect:) I have a number of friends who are expecting singletons and twins and I will tell them that from One mom to another the ITZBEEN is a MUST!!!

Bright Nightlight!

I have no cons to share. The only issue I really had was only having one ITZBEEN, since I have twins I would really like to have a second one, Especially when it comes to the serious potty training, it would just make things a little easier!

**I’d like to Thank ITZBEEN for letting me Review and Share this awesome product! It was a life saver! I LOVE it!

Easy to use! My Itzbeen in Blue!

The ITZBEEN can be purchased at for $24.99 for One or $48.99 for a Twin Pack.

This Giveaway is now Closed! I hope you enjoyed the Review!

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Review – Flirty Aprons


Between cooking and having twins I swear I don’t have any clean shirts. I can’t tell you how many times we’re running late and I’m scrambling to get dressed, yet unable to find anything that doesn’t have baby ‘something’ or food splatters, grease or something from the kitchen all over the front. Many a favorite shirt has been lost in the kitchen trenches. I’ll be honest I am a messy cook, I can’t help it. I just love creating something that smells and tastes like a dream…I get lost in it.

A few months ago we had arrived home late and of course the kids were hungry. I rushed to the kitchen to start dinner, not even thinking about the fact that I had on a brand new heather grey…adorable might I add, shirt. The pan was too hot and when I placed the chicken in it…SPLATTER all over the front of my adorable shirt. Enough is Enough – I think I need a Apron…a Flirty Apron!!

Flirty Aprons was founded by two married couples: Joseph and Heather Hansen, and Spencer and Jamie Taylor. When the owners initially met they discovered they each had a strong passion for business. They knew that their partnership would be enriched with a variety of skills that would allow them to create a successful and enjoyable business.

Since opening its first mall location in March of 2008, Flirty Aprons has experienced rapid growth. Its products have proved to be extremely popular gift items, and customers continue to find satisfaction in using them. Flirty Aprons plans to continue to expand its operations in 2010 and 2011, and continue to be the leader in providing the most desired aprons on the market.

I’m thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to review and feature Flirty Aprons Marilyn Line! Flirty Aprons sent me none other than the Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron for this review! How fitting huh.

The Marilyn Aprons Feature –
  • Candy Shop Theme
  • Single-Layered
  • Ties in the back
  • One Size Fits Most, 100% Cotton

The Marilyn Aprons come in three adorable styles –

In addition Flirty Aprons have a ton of other cute and stylish aprons…not only for Women, but Men and Children as well!

Have you ever ordered something online, only to find upon it’s arrival that it is not at all what you expected? That’s not at all how I felt when I opened my Flirty Aprons package! I in fact felt the opposite. The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! It is a single layer of fabric…I personally love this, because it can get hot when you are cooking. The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron is perfect, you don’t feel like you are wearing some big ol’ bulky apron at the same time your clothes are protected, in a VERY cute way! I love how the Marilyn Line has the Ruffles at the bottom.
My favorite part about my new Sugar n’ Spice Apron is the ribbon embellishment on the pocket!
The bright pink adds just the perfect amount of glamour to this already stunning apron!
Since The Marilyn Sugar n’ Spice Apron came into my life I no longer have ugly grease stains and splatters all over my shirts! The Apron washes very well and stays just as beautiful after every wash.

**I would like to give a big ol’ shout out to Heather Hansen, who has been fantastic and represented her company beautifully! I can see the love Heather has for her business. A BIG Thank You for letting me share with all my readers about your AWESOME line of Marilyn Aprons. 

I know what you’re thinkin…Flirty Aprons would be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift…for your Mom, Mother-in-law, Sister, Friend, or Yourself! Well, guess what – A Little Sugar – n – Spice can help!!

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Review – Knot Genie


The Knot Genie…

The Knot Genie Detangling Brush was created for every mom that has endured the foot stomping and screaming matches that come with brushing their child’s hair. With the Knot Genie, even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the unique bristle configuration Ð gently and painlessly.

Magically gets rid of knots and complaining

Blue Cloud – what I have:)
Even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the unique bristle configuration

Great for kids and adults
Unique cloud-shaped top fits the palm perfectly
Virtually stops breakage and split ends

I still remember all the times when I was a child and my mom or one of my sisters had to brush/comb my hair…it was horrible, my hair has always been very thick and Coarse. It was always tangled after taking a bath or waking up and ALWAYS needed to be detangled…UGH! I wish we would have had the Knot Genie then…so many less tears would have been shed!

25 years later I’m still dealing with the same horrible tangles, not matter the length of my hair, it gets tangled. Growing up my mom always kept my hair short…gee I wonder why! When I became a teenager I decided to keep it long.

A few months ago, my kids were all very sick for about 6 weeks. My hair was always in a pony tail, which means horrible tangles in my world! I remember one day my husband got home and I needed a break from the coughing, the vomit, the fever, the snot…you know what it’s like. I was going to jump in the shower. I took my hair out of my pony tail and was horrified!
My Entire pony tail was one big tangle. It took more that a half a hour to get it detangled to the point where I could get in the shower and condition it in hopes that would help me get the rest of the tangles out. I will be honest, I was 29 and I cried like a baby, it was SO painful. The brush…oh the brush was covered in a thick layer of hair. I thought I my self, ‘that’s it, I cutting my hair — but I really like my long hair…there has to be a better way…right?’ Hmmmm Knot Genie…but would it really work?

my everyday tangles
It was a windy day, but we still decided to go for a walk. The wind whipped and twisted my hair into a disaster! When we arrived home there was a package in the mailbox, YAY! My Knot Genie was here!!! I was so excited! What perfect timing! My hair was a knotted mess!
Soft and tangle free! Thanks Knot Genie
I could not believe the ease of using the Knot Genie! My hair was detangled…Painlessly might I add within 5 minutes. When I would brush my hair with a regular brush, my hair would brake and fall out everywhere, the brush would be full of broke hair strands. The Knot Genie? I found one, yes one hair! Wet or dry the Knot Genie is all I will ever use on my hair (it did take a little longer when my hair was wet) After a week my hair is shiny, not braking at all and I don’t dread how tangled it will be when I get out of the shower…hideous tangles…big deal, I have the Knot Genie in my corner!!!

Anyone who has easily tangled hair NEEDS the Knot Genie! The best brush I have ever used hands down! Pain free detangling…what’s better than that?!? I highly recommend that you get your hands on one! Psst…Knot Genie for everyone NOT just kids!

The Knot Genie comes in 4 great colors: Blue Cloud, Fairy Pink, Genie Smoke and Poof of Purple!

blue cloud and poof of purple

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