Peekaru Review!

My family loves – I mean really LOVES spending time outside! We live in a beautiful area full of trails, lakes, mountains, so we pretty much can do what ever we want!! It’s great, our older son rides his bike and we carry the twins in carriers…ergo, mei tai, backpack.

Last year, the twins were newborns, so when we wanted to go on a winter walk it was not problem. We would cuddle them close in our Moby wraps and then zip up a coat or sweatshirt over the Moby and they would sleep the whole time! This winter…we that a different story. Their legs hang down and can get easily cold. Boooo! So, sadly we have not been our normal outdoorsy family. Which I hate.

I was thrilled when I found a new product! Have you heard out TogetherBe’s Peekaru? The peekaru is a fleece vest that Mommy or Daddy can easily put on over a baby carrier! There is a baby head hole so the baby can stay totally warm and snuggled, but still able to look around! A must with toddlers.

I jumped at the opportunity to do a product review for TogetherBe!

My Peekaru came to me on one of the coldest days…it was about -18 degrees that morning…ugh.

TogetherBe sent me a beautiful Navy Blue Peekaru…and both my husband and I love it!

The twins stay warm, we get to be outside no matter how cold it is..yay win win!!

Athough, there is a very nice side zipper, I found it to be easier to pull it over my head!

I am wearing Gabbi in a ERGO under my peekaru! It fits perfect! I was VERY cold and she was as warm as could be!!


Extremely soft and cozy

nice long length, and easily covers my toddlers feet

Unisex style, my husband and I can both wear it

After a few washes it is still just as soft as day 1, that isn’t always the case with fleece.

The style makes it so it can be used if you are front caring or back caring


Sizing is a little off. I got a large, and it is actually quite big.

When caring on the back, it is a little tight on the trout. I prefer the front carry.

That’s about it!

So all in all, If you have a family that like to spend time outside all seasons! The peekaru is truly a must have! You’ll love it!
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